Israeli security forces have developed techniques that allow them to nip potential attacks, such as stabbings and car-rammings, in the bud and identify suspects by monitoring social media accounts, Haaretz reports.
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  1. The Israel Forces are Arresting people for Just Thinking = Pre Crimes
    Our United States Security Forces are using ILLEGAL Computerized Tactical Systems with Biometrics to Individually target the Entire Population for Mastering the Human Command and Control – before, during and after CRIMES they themselves direct – without citizens Knowledge nor Consent.

  2. its almost better to use fb, like a 'normal ' person. for years now, I will make a post here or there (once every four months), then just post pics of the kids. so There is nothing to dig through. I caught on to that years ago when my ex wife would upload her whole life on that thing. then I watched face bitch, sorry face book, cough…. destroy eight marraiges including my own in less than a year. Face book has become an entity, ''Hello facebook''. rrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh

  3. I guess if one threatens someone on social media then why not go pick them up. I think this has to do with people threatening others. I follow some hardcore person who says some things that make me think she might do something bad. She's over the top sometimes.

  4. every day is loaded with numerology, you can turn nothing into something if you try hard enough, and the cults are in full sting, as for buddy, if they wanted him, they would have him, he's pinging cell towers everywhere he goes, a little trig, and bingo

  5. Facebook is a movie.. with everyone in the world volunteering to show their entire life to's a part of the beast system..they have everyone pegged, I agree with you..they have all the info they need already..all thats left is an event

  6. Richiefromboston. I just received a notification saying that I won't be receiving any more notifications for every new video from your channel but that I may still get occasional notifications based on what I watch. FYI

  7. Time for everyone to start going back to pencil, paper, real address books. They can wipe us out at any moment.

    Time to get away from the technology as much as possible.

    Get rid of your smart phone. I have a flip phone now.

  8. I hate FB. Haven't been on in years. Everyone gave them the private information they needed to track anyone and use anyone for leverage.
    All that, just to feel accepted and connected to friends and family and see what they're eating tonight..
    I the 90's, I didn't have a cell phone. leave a message with my mom while I was out or try and find me.
    Man I miss those days.

  9. The footage looks so fake too. When you see the frames where he allegedly shot the man, you can see orange on the outside front of the plastic bag, as though it came out of the gun. Then the camera goes off the victim for one second and he's already on the ground with no movement.
    If that was supposed to be blood, why is there no pooling when he's back at the body afterwards?
    Just seems sus

  10. The U.S. took the descendants of Ephraim as slaves. A lot of them no longer participate in the Ishtar "Easter" rituals so they do these hoaxes to get their worship of Ishtar. It's important to the Freemasons to have their participation. It's all sorcery.

  11. @RichieFromBoston … do have a little search back in time and I think you will find that this black "crisis actor" was used in another role. I cannot remember which role, I know I have seen him, it's the eyes that I most recognize. I only can remember that he played a role during the time period of the "black v/s white v/s cops" psyops time frame. Maybe he was the guy in the road that was shot by the female cop as he walked towards his car, not sure.

  12. 100% proof this is a staged event and it's Fake.
    You will have to watch the video in full speed.
    The old man supposedly get shot which is actually a blank being fired from from the gun.
    The shooter does a 360 in a matter of 2 seconds.
    Within that 2 seconds, the old man falls in perfect position with his legs stacked upon each other, bag hiding his face and what really gives the hoax away is the 4 foot long and 4 inches wide stream of blood running down along side of the apparent victim.
    No way except in Hollywood can someone get shot, have time to drop to the ground and a long stream of blood occurring in 2 seconds. Can't happen!!!
    Why would the shooter do a 360 turn immediately after apparently shooting this guy?
    That give them the opportunity to cut and stage this impossible blood stream and then resume like it all actually happened within a couple seconds.
    Watch the video in full speed with this in mind and you'll then see that in order for a stream of blood to be like what is shown, a person would have to be laying there longer than 2 seconds for this to occur!!!!
    100% fake and staged!!!!!!

  13. This entire construct we are fed as a system (babylon) is A LIE and the beast is fed by the energy given freely by the soul that buys it and lives it as Truth, that way leads to the pit…The born again children of God have Jesus Word as the Truth and they live in Him, we are in this world but not of it, we are only passing through and revealing Truth on the Way home.. Come out of her My People is the call to all who have the eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying and the Spirit is given to those who obey His Voice..Come Jesus/Yeshua..

  14. Let me give the non-believers – a.k.a. the sheeple, zombies etc. – a quick tune up. Friday, 4/14, the fifth dump from Vault 7 via WikiLeaks (whether it's "them" that now run WikiLeaks or not) hit the street and quicker than you can say "boo" the geeks were on it like white on rice putting it all over the net. And what was in it? HIVE – a CIA/NSA program that sucks data out of every operating system and cell phone on the planet. (HIVE was written in 2014 – and 3-years ago in tech space is equivalent to the Precambrian period.) Think about that. They know everything about YOU. They got your banking info, your phone & text messages, your spending habits, where you live, who your family and friends are et al etc. All they have to do is run a query and whatever they're looking for will pop up – and if you're in the list that pops – they "got ya." How the F do you think, or why the F do you think RFB's laptop burnt up while he was online? Remember that. Folks, it's been game on for longer than you realize. Don't believe me? Good, look it up for yourself – or don't.

  15. TPTB could careless about the .0001% that know this is 100% bullshit…They have the complete obedience, fear and attention of the 99.998% that's just gobbling this up..


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