Italy’s League party leader Matteo Salvini is calling for an end to energy sanctions against Russia, “because we are on our knees.” 

As European heads of state continue to double down on their support for Ukraine and call for additional sanctions against Russia on which Europe depends upon for its energy needs, the Italian leader broke ranks with his peers and rejected their Ukraine-first policy, which sidelines the needs of average Europeans. 

Speaking on Sunday in an interview with RTL Radio, the League party leader laid out the facts of the west’s failed energy sanctions on Russia, which have severely backfired and are causing an energy crisis magnitudes higher than what the continent has faced in decades past. 

“Several months have passed and people are paying two, three, even four times more for their bills,” he stated. “And after seven months, the war continues and Russian Federation coffers are filling with money.”

Salvini said that not only have the sanctions failed, but they have backfired even harder on Italy. 

The Italian leader said that while he stands in solidarity with Ukraine, he is unwilling to pursue Europe’s suicidal course of action, which is hurting Europe more than it is affecting Russia, particularly in Italy, where local industries are affected by skyrocketing energy import prices. 

This is not the first time that Salvini has warned Europeans to step back from the brink and reassess the decision to sanction Russia. 

“Do we have to defend Ukraine? Yes,” Salvini stated. “But I would not want the sanctions to harm those who impose them more than those who are hit by them.”

According to Politico, Salvini’s political coalition is slated to sweep the upcoming national election in late September. 

Italy’s net energy import costs are projected to more than double to 100 billion euros, Reuters reported on Monday. 

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