We Will Not Compromise!
We Will Not Comply!
We Will Not Submit!
We Will Not Break!
We Will Not Roll Over!
We Will Not Sit Down!
We Will Not Shut Up!
We Will Not Go Quietly!
We Will Not Give Up!
We Will Not Surrender!
We Will Stand For Truth!
We Will Protect The Innocent!
We Will Defend Our Family To The Death!
We Love Peace, But We Are A Fierce Enemy!
We Will Fight For Christ!
We Will Die For Christ!
We Live By A Special Code!
WE ARE SoulJa Of GOD!!!
Who’s With Us!!!?

Remember, I Am Not SoulJa Of GOD… WE ARE!!!

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  1. And now we "know" the fires were started with lasers, the laser fires leave peculiar evidence, burning holes in the cement curbs, houses and cars incinerated, tree's and bushes next to the houses unscathed not even charred.. GOD help us !!!!

  2. What is the end time to you? End of the world? End of mankind? End of old era? End of 3rd dimension? End of clock times that times do not exist no more? End of evil ones in the world and humanity returns to paradise earth like before? End of duality law? End of 26,000 years cycle and begins anew? End of 2,000 years of Jesus' return? What is it? End of what? Your end will come if you keep talking about end that is coming. I live on God's beloved planet it does not end. God does not destroy his own beloved creation of love. Humans do that to God's creations from their arrogant and miss-used of God's energy. This planet was here long before our forefathers and it'll be here long after we are long dead & gone. This planet transforms like us not dooms. All creations of God transform not doom or die. Much love and light to you.

  3. So… Let me get this straight… You people believe in god who is almighty and immortal creator of the world, who sends those who "you" judge as evil into hell for torture. God, who is claimed to be crafted human to be his image, sends himself to hell because they are not doing as he says? Why would he wants to torture his children's, if he loves them so much? Why would you judge, what is right thing to believe? I got feeling you are not worshiping God. You are afraid of God. You are afraid that if you don't listen to his so-called "words" that churches all over the world tells you, you will be punished by torture. Also, all this end speaks… Why are you so afraid of it? Why do you want everyone suffer because they aren't like you or believe same things that you do? Childrens believes Santa Claus, does that make it devil? Childrens believe in Jesus. In Jews culture, they dont believe in Jesus. Does that make them heretics?

    If you have readed this much of my "trash" talk, I ask you this; Why would God or Jesus want to have anything to with you when you have already made judgement from other by yourself?

  4. It's appropriate to sound the alarm about things like drag queen story hour, but it's just silly to show media hype about rain storms and other natural disasters, that have always happened routinely, as the end of times.

  5. THIS is just the BEGINNING PEOPLE. And it’s going to get WORSE. But please be SMART don’t go to FAMA CRAMPS !!PEOPLE in there COMMUNITIES need to COME TOGETHER and HELP Each OTHER PLEASE. And PRAY The LORD GOD is going to Get Us through THIS TRUTHS in his WORDS and HOLY NAME!!! AMEN 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💯💯💯👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾. Just Saying

  6. Please STOP using clips taken with the reporters voice this video ended with as he is unbearable to listen to. Not just the nasally queer tone but the excited manner in which he talks.


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