So first there was terror
Then shootings
Then angry arents of victims
Then angry teenage victims
NOW its Bombs and It appears the love bomb robots.
R F B rodeo

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  1. is something going on at Fort Bliss??

    Putting the Ft. Bliss Puzzle Together
    Let's review. Ft. Bliss is not only now gearing up for or already postured for war, but is in full-on air/missile defense mode. That makes eminently good sense in the face of the claimed IRBM threat from South America. The PAC-3 version of the Patriot (and we probably have something better than that) is designed to deal with ballistic missiles and cruise missiles. If the US Navy just happens to have one or more AEGIS-equipped cruisers or destroyers in the Gulf of Mexico near the Mexican/US border, this would further support the IRBM attack scenario, since such vessels have demonstrated the capability to shoot down full-blown ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles), which are much more demanding targets than IRBMs. By the way, “aegis” is the ancient Greek word for “shield.” If the sword (combined military attack) fails, the shield must hold.

    While it would seemingly be a reasonable expectation that the hostile missiles would all be destroyed on the ground, in reality, finding and destroying such weapons is a tough thing to do, requiring the commitment of considerable-enormous resources and in an environment which negates a lot of our overhead surveillance and targeting capabilities. Contrary to what TV and movies keep asserting, thermal imagers can't see through house roofs, closed windows or even tents! Nor can they see through tree leaves. Just think about the havoc and opportunities a successful missile strike on El Paso by even one IRBM would create for Antifa and anybody else determined to destroy the US. PAC-3s and the AEGIS ships are great and all, but having your BMD (Ballistic Missile Defense) supported by the far higher tech Liberation Forces greatly improves the odds El Paso will come through the current major crisis, for that is precisely what it is, intact. But as noted, the best BMD is the capture or destruction of the missiles on the ground. Without missile strikes paving the way, no conventional armed force can hope to beat the Army and any other forces massed in opposition. Nor is this the only military action unfolding, for the source from the Liberation Forces marvel that a war rages, of which the American people know nothing. When I get clued in, perhaps something can be done about that!

    In closing, it's important to point out that this post needs to be viewed from the larger perspective of the recent false flag attack on Hawaii, a matter addressed explicitly by the high level source know as QAnon. Make no mistake, people, whether you call it the NWO, the Deep State or the Cabal, those involved in ongoing gigantic crime at every level, including space,as documented by Michael Salla and others, are in panic because they are finally being exposed as the monsters they are and brought to brook. They can, will and are doing anything and everything to shift the pitiless spotlight (and alleged mass arrests and free Gitmo trips) from themselves to some carefully chosen patsy, a problem to be solved by starting not just war, but a nuclear war. Such an action is wholly in accord and consistent with the NWO's longstanding and pitiless goals for global depopulation down to an easily controlled under 500 million! If you think I made that up, I refer to this systematic analysis of the fell NWO monument called the Georgia Guidestones.

  2. Unbelievable brother! Everything is presented by theses ellites and then executed! The brainwashing is insane these days and I believe brother they are only going to get worse! GBY!!!

  3. You all see it was an Xbox controller controlled ? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️❗️❗️

  4. I wish all of these people in uniform would wake up and have the eyes to see that they are serving the beast. It does not care about them, and it when it is done using them, it will simply chew them up and spit them out.

  5. Good morning Richie. Here in Oregon, they reported a "rash" of burglaries in the Eugene area. So, they are putting in extra security for the college students. The burglaries are happening at local businesses not on campus. Have a great day.

  6. It doesn't hurt they say the bomber has been identified and killed himself. All too common and such perfect timing. I was just talking about what they'd use if all the guns were gone. Bombs was the obvious choice. These bombs were all a false flag op.

  7. The Austin Bomber narrative don't add up ,unless you swallow everything coming from the boob tube. Fox news "anchors" and contributors commenting with uttermost discernment and authority . BUT dead men tell no tails .

  8. ❤️ROMANS 13:11-14…❤️…THEN ROMANS 10:9-13…❤️…BECAUSE JOHN 3:3-21..❤️…1ST JOHN 1:9…❤️………..
    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️JESUS IS COMING BACK!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Intuition of what really is going becomes so available. What they do is for the dumbed down. So, are those awakening on the increase?

  10. See how effective the MSM is. I have one I know who is doubting the Bourke St. massacre hoax, with the guy in the red car, in Melbourne Aus. 2016. I'm told today they saw the guy was going to go to court blah blah blah … it was on TV on the news so it must be real … I told them they have been fooled by the MSM again but they all still go n believing it .. Robots and rodeos .. we are in for a wild ride … !!

  11. 3-21-2018
    There's bombs in Texas

    False Flags
    Condition the masses
    There's bombs in Texas

    Sprayed Skies
    Affected Lives
    Fires n' floods in excesses
    There's bombs in Texas

    Is there truth we're at war?
    Do you really need more?
    Weather manipulating bastards
    There's bombs in Texas

  12. Richiefromboston you made a video about the stuff they put on the telephone polls, out front of your house you should check around the neighborhood and see if they are any more if not I would be concerned and I would take them out

  13. Just watched Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan last night on some channel. The premise is that a training or shake down mission goes live. This is a movie from 1982. Interesting, huh?

  14. More great headlines I found on briefing news app:

    " 'Google News Initiative puts $300 million toward saving online journalism' "

    Ha! It probably should have included a subtitle, "(from investigators who, annoyingly, keep trying to get to the truth and ask straight forward questions, thereby subverting the prescribed narrative when it's fake"), you know… Or something to that effect.

  15. the military will continue to perpetuate fear, war, violence in this country, the world….why does all our money go to the military…drugs, war, and oil keeps this economy afloat…

  16. Note to everyone who watches this channel. Richie is a pretty good conveyor of information that we all should know.
    BUT the flip side of the coin is that he is all doom & gloom. After a few years of looking at my feed and watching his videos. I barely , if ever see positive or uplifting videos from him.
    I was a subscriber until I realized that he's all about luring you in with negativity.
    It's sad to see because a person with his outreach should also concentrate on positive sides of humanity and our universe as well as the negative.
    This is just my opinion, I'm not saying he's a bad guy it's just sad that a guy with this many subs can't cover or convey positivity.
    Much love to you all 🌅🌅🤗🌅🌅


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