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  1. The hallmark of the RFID microchip is that it transforms human DNA into Nephilim DNA. The movers and shakers behind this monstrosity are engaging in mass murderous activities. They seek to murder the soul. We need our 2nd Amendment in full force, now more than ever!

  2. Hello I have listened to several of your videos I heard something about 8 months ago and I don't remember where I heard it I don't know if it was one of your videos if you could tell me I'm kind of interested a little more in this topic I kind of think it was your video that you mentioned something about the Pope under a mandate that's supposed to initiate human sacrifice was that a program that you had because I can't find it where I heard it from thank you for your time

  3. This chip can control your feelings and emotions…it can make feel sick and even kill you. If you break the rules you won't know about it until you go shopping and won't be able to pay. And the laws and rules will just keep increasing to a point of paranoid slavery.

  4. the SDA cult followers will take the mark of the beast not recognizing it to be what it is, because they have been deceived into thinking it is Sunday worship.Sunday worship is not the mark of the beast my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ that's a deception that Satan will deceive many with,take heed that no man deceive you I tell you this very day by the spirit of the living God if any man shall say unto you this is the mark of the beast (Sunday worship) believe not,I know and understand and aware that Sunday worship is pagan from the papacy and the mother of harlots (Catholic church) but that's not the mark its totally different,brothers and sisters is time to turn away from this evil deceptive world and the mind polluting Hollywood and preserve ourt lives in god's word ,prayer and repentance, deception is so strong in these last days but for the elect sake shall he shorten the days lest no flesh be saved,Pray and be watchful breathen i leave you with these words in Jesus name.

    if you'd like to know more about the end times and the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ being preach to the nations of the world…find us on Facebook-

  5. Ain't nobody forcing me to receive anything my house worship and beleive in jesus Christ that's my God my savior and him only shall we serve. Great video bless you brother. Keep up the good work.

  6. There's the possibility that it can be given to you while you are under sedation ( any surgical procedure that renders you unconcious). New born babies can be implanted as well.Think about dental work , any invasive tests like colonoscopies etc. WAY TOO MANY OPPORTUNITIES to have this done to you WITHOUT you ever knowing it…. NOW you have it…. OH, and lets not forget TRANSPLANTS OF ANY KIND, and TATOOS. ONCE YOU TAKE THIS YOU ARE DONE.!!!!!! REPENT AND TURN TO GOD, RECEIVE JESUS AS YOUR LORD AND SAVIOUR and YOU SHALL BE SAVED.

  7. China, India, an sweden have started. Russia an EU next then the hard part, the USA. A rebellion will start an a massive uprising will happen. Make no mistake, theres a storm coming yall.

    Hollow points an MRE's 😎😎😎

  8. The RFID chip (hand/currency and yes, the RFID chip is the Mark of the beast.) and the Neuro bio-chip (brain/transhumanism) both change your DNA. No longer made in God's image you are now made in Satan's image/AI. That's why there's no repentance. You will not have special powers. You will not be a superhero. You will be their programmable slave. Time's up. Earth is dying. Jesus is coming back soon. Time to decide where you'll spend eternity. It's your move…

  9. Omg ! Deceived. I will never do this I want God, jesus! Amen so sad. Right back to satan's lies he makes sound great! I hate this chip crap wake up people please wake up! It's to late for the ones who took this! Soooo sad how easy to be decieved

  10. I would sooner die than take the mark of the beast, I ask you all to say NO to any implant in your hand or head, (this chip in Switzerland what happens when you stop working for the company ? and I don't think that's the mark, but they are trying to get us used to this sort of thing ) God Bless you , & Everyone who is watching, Praise Jesus Christ

  11. Times UP my good people we talked about it and every one was very vocal about what they would do.. well no more talking is necessary. We drew a line and swore up and down and side to side in a way im kinda glad I get to leave this toilet we on no disrespect my Lord but They have violated every commandment every LAW every constitutional right we had every declaration every amendment every rule every OATH promise you made with your hand on the good book and never intended to do nothing but make matters worst and you Accomplished just that

  12. Chips are tied into your bodies matrix . So if these chips were accidentally triggered or programed or an individual could be targeted for destruction like these people that mysteriously burn to death or turn to ash. But Sophia the A.I. robot mentioned enslaving and dominating humans through neural implants and communicating with humans by sending thoughts into their brains.

  13. The mark will be more than just a chip one scenario may in evolve nano tech taken in to the body where you are in her faced with a A.I system and also you may be required to mate with a fallen one as completion of the mark a chip can't control you alone

  14. The microchip will be an ultimate control over a person by the government. The government does not need your permission on anything, they’ll do everything for you through this chip.
    They can also turn it off where you cannot access anything.

  15. I’m deleting my FB and as far as the microchip like the man said we have to eat we need to work so we’re not going to have a choice. These chips could infact depopulate humanity as well because we don’t know if these chips could kill us either. This whole world is in its ends days. I believe these are the end times. End of the world is coming upon us. It’s so scary.


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