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  1. you are the best truther on YouTube brother, simply the best. God is moving through you bigtime, I don't doubt anything you say or uncover dah its all mathematics, I am finding the same patterns but you just nail the absolute truth together. thnx always brother. keep it rockin and rollin.

  2. Where are the rest of the books. From my knowledge, there are rooms filled with manuscripts with held from "man" my question is why.and when will the church return the hdden knowledge.? Are we only shown what they want us to see… Where is the rest? Can we as people impeach a POPE or so called religious leader?

  3. nicholson1968 you rock!!!! i'm truly amazed at how you see through the charade this world throws out there to try keeping us in the dark…this can only be a gift from God ….thanx for sharing the TRUTH with us….

  4. There are 66 books of the "bible" we have in our hands today. Since "they" removed books as you and i know full well. What a "coincidence" the ones "they" left for us equaled a total of 66. 3 strand DNA… I'm with you! I absolutely love your videos keep up the good work. May YAH bless you for all your great efforts.


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