The Time Has Come – FULL SERMON (Gracelife Church Edmonton Dec 20, 20) –

“I Will Be Still” by Young Oceans

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  1. "from this we know it is the last hour" meant that IT ALREADY HAPPENED. We are living in the time AFTER the thousand year reign – AFTER Satan has been released from the pit to deceive the nations and to gather the armies. Satan has deceived the timelines. Please take a good hearty look into this bothers and sisters.

  2. So think about it. What would be your ultimate goal as an elitists? Would it not to be to obtain immortality and prevent the return of Christ how by controlling time travel and mastery of bio-genetics to reverse aging to avoid hell and keep their power, wealth & control. You have heard of "The Mandela Effect" And trans humanism. That's what they need and want. They may have a key.

  3. Why aren't more people sounding the alarm about the changes happening in the KJV version. (Supernaturally) They have changed the Lord's prayer. Now the Wolf will lay with the Lamb instead of the Lion!!! It's happening. It's undeniable!!! The Church is so lost right now.

  4. Brother I’ve watched and God has open my eyes through His Word and the saints He Blesses, so although I didn’t appreciate ur jab at THE KJBV, I’m not one that expects everyone to see things my way, I’m sorry for unsubscribing over that, just know that I know there’s always gonna be people who take things to far, I’m not one of those KJ only kind, read what God convicts you to read, respect that I have my reasons why I believe it to be Gods inspired Word in English, u don’t agree? It’s cool, there’s plenty of people better educated than me who argue both sides, but it’s my position to stand in THE KJV, God Bless, and thanks for hearing me out

  5. JOSEPHJ hey on one of your VEDEOS I went in the description and four d woolgather and man how I identify with the songs and the singer
    When I was saved I was wicked the experience of being reborn was something I never felt before and did not understand at the time the true meaning of it. At the moment when I felt GODS HANDS in me the old me died TRUELY gone the EVEIL spirit that I was born with went where ever GOD SENT HIM a new spirit of this human body came into thus body by CHRIST AND MY TRUE FATHER SALVATION has no expression date my eyes are TRUELY opened thanks for the heads up on the band hit home . GOD BLESS ALL LIFE JOSEPHJ

  6. This shepherd's speech is inspired. Like a voice in the wilderness.
    He cries the storm approaches.
    Unavoidable now. Humans had been programmed to accept.
    The world is decieved.
    The dark episodes script is handed to the worlds overlords.
    Time to get right with God, read his word.
    Get right with your family.
    It is time.
    Time is short.
    Amen my brother.
    You are a child prodigy of God's kingdom

  7. Will – you're 100% wrong about this just like you are about the pre-trib rapture. I know people who have lost family and friends to COVID. It's very real and it's destroying people's lives, but instead of being like Christ and caring for the vulnerable and loving those that are hurting, you just stand on the sidelines and criticize from your position of privileged ignorance. I'm sure Jesus would be so proud that you "stood up against tyranny" by sharing this pastor's drivel while droves of people perish around you unaided. I think James had something to say about people who tell those around them who are starving to "go in peace, be warmed and be filled", but then don't actually do anything to help them. Wearing a mask and keeping some distance is the absolute least any of us can do to protect the vulnerable among us. Do you truly believe this is a hoax? Is it really that inconceivable to you that the god of this world wants mass death at the hands of a deadly virus? Ever stop to question why the "leaders" of the church are helping to accelerate satan's plan by encouraging people to not wear masks and socially distance? Hmmmm…something is rotten in the state of Denmark. More study is needed to show yourself approved here.

  8. It’s gonna be a BAAAAD day 🔥 for these so-called “governors” and “leaders” when they stand before God and give an account for selling out their nations and states for world power and a fake dollar 💵 .

  9. We need to remember nothing happens without Jesus Christ allowing it. I pray for time for those not yet aware or saved. God is the alpha, omega and he reins. God bless all.


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