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  1. Hey there I have been watching your channel for a couple of years now and didn't realize that you lived in Colorado like me where abouts do you live? And I definitely understand and you would never put where you live out in the open you're welcome to email me if you'd like you seem like a really awesome person and it's good to have awesome friends

  2. I think this is it, NATO β€œNWO” going to step in because Democrats will delay the election and NO new president will be established. Their will be chaos and the antichrist will show their face. GOD will destroy evil as it is in the Revelations…

  3. The DNC are a facet of the NWO and are actively attempting to steal the election. The DNC are socialist/communist .Two separate political ideologies cannot coexist within one government. That means the DNC represents no American .

  4. You’re absolutely right about not having a good feeling about this. So much Bible Prophecy is happening right now and although we know how it will end we still have to get to the end. This means that as believers in Jesus Christ and the Gospel we have to strengthen our spiritual faith and be ready for what the evil spiritual world sends our way. Not just talking about it but actually preparing for our very souls and their eternal resting place. KEEP YOUR EYES ON JESUS CHRIST NO MATTER WHAT YOU SEE HEAR OR FEEL BECAUSE HE IS OUR ONLY TRUE HOPE β€ΌοΈπŸ™β€οΈ

  5. Jesus is more than this world. Read the book of Acts especially the 2nd chapter. Let Jesus set your heart TRUELY FREE! IN JESUS NAME!!!!!!!!
    Praying for ya. Don't know ya but Jesus told me you're a truth seeker. Don't stop!

  6. You aren't the only one. We need to keep our armor on, and prepare our souls. I think that if the election ends with Biden the Victor, Trump supporters will be the rioters. They've been primed to do so for 7 years. If Trump is the Victor people will be upset; but not to the point of rioting over the loss.

    Now, I believe that true patriots, not according to ethnicity, but who respect the rule of law and rights of the citizenry might take issue with the growing tyranny no matter who takes office. I belong to the latter group.

    To your question.. if by outter space you mean where other beings live , yes. But I don't believe in "aliens", I believe those are demons disguising themselves. And I believe in the Heavens where the Heavenly Host reside.

    I'd be interested in you viewpoint concerning the election fallout.

  7. I:
    I'd like to see a full video about election but without "careful word selection" after all it was only through careful study and consistent conversation with each other over politics and religion that made the United States great in the first place.
    Whatever happens its possible that its already been planned; these are the "First Steps into a thousand years of darkness" we're all experiencing, we've Failed our Nation, our Vows; too mother nature and our fellow man. I see by the volition of this once great nation's citizenry, sitting by wearing masks are allowing yourself to rise the AI machine and augmenting 6 foot apart easy identifying augmentation of one computer one mind Prospect.
    -Take care of eachother!
    -Learn to love learning!
    I'll see you out their
    God Bless

  8. I'm going to predict that President Trump will win the election, and will carry at least 47 states. The Democrat party is going to become politically extinct for at least the next 20 years. Just be cautious and trust in God to keep us all safe.


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