1. 1) I Am creatd me & i am G.O.D.-Christ Yahshua nheritd…

    2) i am a ppl wth th ndwellng Holy Spirit of G.O.D.

    3) i am an aspect of G.O.D. as a woman who loves women-n evry sense of th word love; agape, philos & eros…

    4) i am Lovd & 4gvn by G.O.D. for eternty

    5) i am a participtr wth G.O.D. n doing good…

    6) i am a lost sinnr not enabld to fix myself…

    7) i am savd wth Christ Yahshua 4evr…

    terri a.

  2. That's not true. I'm a lesbian who has never had sex with a man. Most of my friends are straight men. I dont go to Pride events. Ive only been in monogamous long term relationships.

    So she really needs to just speak for her experience.

  3. While homosexuality is a sin, it's also true that abortion is a sin, racism is a sin, promiscuity is a sin and etc. As a Christian I am not opposed to homosexuals but I am opposed to the behaviors involved with it. Jesus died for all sinners so they can find freedom from sin!

  4. The problem with the gospel is that we love what it says about everyone else but hate what it says about us. Which is why what is more important for Christians it make sure we are always reflecting the character of God and not just his rules and principles…..and no….rules and principles are not indicative of the character of God.

  5. "Empathetic Christian" is an oxymoron.
    "Grab your pitchforks and torches" is much more closer to defining an average US Christian.
    And before you bother to post a reply, remember that most Christians support Trump, which proves my point completely.

  6. So, basically, you have to develop a relationship with Yahovah and ask Him to meet you on common ground. We Christians don't have that authority to change God's instructions.

  7. Comment from a Christian: if you know the Bible, you would know that God already knows who you are and what you have become. He says, you are what you worship. And what you worship is your God…homosexuality. The one true God who created us, said you shall have no other Gods other than me. So when Christians tell you what you are doing are wrong, it's from God's perspective. Not from ours. It's not up to us to accept you or any sinner and meet on common ground. We follow scriptures. But the New Age Christians will accept it because they don't follow the Bible. They make up their beliefs.

  8. I get the concept of saying that your sexuality is who you are but then again that kind of interferes with what we believe in because sin is not who we are it might be PART OF us but it’s not who we are, and that even goes for straight people as well the ones that can’t control their “lust” it doesn’t sound logically correct to say that my lust is who I am, you know?
    Edit: and yeah I know we should treat are brothers and sisters with love, but warning your fellow neighbors of their sin is love in my opinion. I don’t care what nobody say Jesus Christ would never fold for this, he would have told u to go n sin no more or repent or parish end of discussion.

  9. For those of us who would dare to be self righteous. Can I just drop a bit of knowledge? This spirit has become a huge part of our society because of freemasonry. The ruling spirit is lust and lust shows up in a lot of forms in our lives. Overeating, buying stuff that we don't need, hundreds of pairs of shoes etc. How about wanting someone's husband or wife? Most of us can think of people in our families who are involved in this organization. The Most High said that he would visit the iniquity of the parents on the 3rd and 4th generation of them that hate him. Baphomet is who they worship. Those that are involved in this organization need deliverance. It's not of God and we are commanded to have no other gods before him. These people post up in the churches and hinder the gospel. We all struggle with lust. We shake our heads at the teenagers that keep having babies or the man addicted to porn but lust is the driver that needs to be left on the sidewalk and dismissed from our lives as well as our generations.

  10. There is a difference between approval and acceptance. I have had to befriend gay people that went to my church. I do not agree with the lifestyle choice. I try to show the love of Christ to people when i say "God did not make you gay". God is not a liar. The LGBTQ is corrupt. I understand we have to have a healthy balance.

  11. Dear Jackie, You only God to answer to and never forget!
    Even if the act of homosexuality stops…SINS remain. In (John 20:23) we read “Whose soever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them; and whose soever sins ye retain, they are retained”.
    Everywhere the Apostles went in the word they gave authority to other priest to perform the life saving Holy Sacrament by Apostolic succession ! Apostolic succession is the tracing of a direct line of apostolic ordination, Orthodox doctrine, and communion from the Apostles to the current episcopacy of the Orthodox Church. All three elements are constitutive of apostolic succession.
    Apostolic Succession
    The act of homosexuality introduces men and women into the spiritual realm of ~lawfully belonging to the devil~ because of disobedience to the commandments of God , the same way obedience to Christian Baptism as delivered by the Holy Spirit 2000 years ago introduces men and women to a spiritual realm of lawfully uniting with God!
    New Testament
    [1 Corinthians 6:9] 9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind
    Old Testament
    [Leviticus 20:13] If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination:" they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them."
    The Greek Orthodox Church created by the Holy spirit the day of Pentecost embraces homosexuals and teaches them to avoid everything that is going to deny them their union with God, their eternal huppiness and the Heavenly Kingdom
    Neglegence opens the door to demons
    To Eliminate Sin and to seek Salvation.
    Ierotheos Metropolitan of Naupaktos about Greek Orthodox Baptism
    “Through the "rite of birth in God", holy baptism, man's nous (mind) is illuminated, freed from slavery to sin and the devil, and is united with God.
    The word Salvation means "salvation from death" and the word "death" means the eternal separation of man from God!
    God bless

  12. The only qualification I would add to this is that whilst they might see themselves through the lens of their homosexuality, it is critical to know this is an error. If you see them as Jesus would see them – as male or female, not only is it more accurate, it helps to treat them in the right way, equal to others.

  13. To people in the comments who warn christians to stay away from friendships with nonchristians, do you know that everyone is the child of God? Jesus died for all our sins, all humanity’s sins, not just yours.
    Jesus did not turn anyone away, neither should you.
    Jesus called for love, to practice compassion.

  14. I love Jesus Christ because He is the Savior, who came to nourish our souls. When I’m in my time of trouble, I feel Him embracing my soul and He heals all my pain, when I have no one to turn to.
    Anyone born on this earth is God’s child. Let’s remember what Jesus died for, He died for our sins – *He didn’t condemn us, he didn’t turn us away, neither should we turn away those who need us . *

  15. How about we all live respectfully and try not to ostracize each other and condemn each other?

    Personally, Jackie, I don’t take your word as the word of God. Because you’re not closer to Him than anyone else. He made us all equal.

    Act through love and compassion is literally everything Jesus wanted us to do. Love thy brother, love thy sister.

    Let’s not be self-righteous and prejudiced. No telling what is more sinful in the eyes of God : laying with another man if you’re one OR ostracizing another for their sins.

    We all have sins. None of us are perfect, only God is perfect. He also said not to judge others for their sins as it’s not our place to do so.
    There are so many flaws.. can’t even begin. Stop ostracizing people. You are not better than anyone else. We all kneel before our Savior in our day of reckoning. So will ‘they’, so will you. Accept love in your soul and then you’ll find out that you have love for others as well

  16. I respect Jackie’s opinion, but there are still two main fundamental flaws in her arguments (here and in her writing)
    1. The notion that being proudly LGBTQ+ and being proudly Christian are mutually exclusive. Accepting myself and loving myself was arguably what brought me closer to God. I still live in fear that I will be ostracized by PEOPLE in my church if they find out the truth of who I am and who I can love.
    2. The notion that non-heterosexual love is somehow fundamentally different from heterosexual love. I’ve read Jackie’s book, I’ve seen how she describes her feelings towards the women in her life. She knows it feels right but still keeps listening to people who tell her that it’s the work of the devil. I am capable of loving both men and women, and I can tell you that I know in my heart and soul that when I fall in love with a woman, it does not feel any different than when I am in love with a man. If true reconciliation can happen between the Christian churches and the LGBTQ+ people that have been hurt, people need to first realize the fundamental fact that love is love.

  17. I think if you understand who people are—sinners that only choose sin—it makes it easier to understand when anyone rejects the gospel message. Jesus says, ‘my sheep hear my voice and they come to me.’ People who are God’s children will come to Christ, but the key part is preaching to them God’s Word, which is the Truth. Yes, we need to be gracious AND truthful in our approach. But not telling them the gospel is most unloving thing we can do for our non-Christians friends. Very well said, Jackie! We can be their friend but the Truth is more important.

  18. Thank you for this Dear God. Keep using Jackie. It's a mental awakening for everyone, leading us closer to Christ and His love, in a practical and tailored way.

  19. Me Being a Christian that is also a lesbian. I think that she will help the people who are NOT lesbians but bisexual or experimenting men and women. To be true to theirself and love what is true to there heart. But to say you are no longer gay. Is false. You were never in the first place. But if you are really gay. Then you are pretending to be straight because that makes the judging world more comfortable. I do not believe all that say they are gay are gay so yes they need help and to figure out why they have the need to be true to themself as straight which they always were some are sex addicts. I also believe everyone that says they are heterosexual are either. But saying that a TRUE. Lesbian or Gay person can be converted. Is like saying a person who is truly heterosexual can convert and become gay and not be attracted to the opposite sex. They will always be straight but live a gay lifestyle. Just like a gay person will be gay but live a heterosexual lifestyle. When we leave here there is no marraige no sex ..the purpose was to multiply and be fruitful and marraige was not to be a loose goose and sleep with anyone and everyone. But not every heterosexual is fruitful and multiply even the ones that Are able to with no medical reasons. But enjoy the sex. No seed shall be waisted. Birth control etc etc…but its ok because its man and woman its natural. Its also natural to love. Its natural to give birth. Its natural to want another human being in a sexual way. Its not bestiality. Its to human beings who want to spend there like together heterosexual or homosexual. I remember once when race mixing was considered a sin or unnatural. Not getting married was considered unnatural. I can keep going but im sleepy and by now hopefully you get it or you dont! God is able no matter what so if shes truly changed then it was his will for her life amen im happy for her God bless hopefully others can be helped that are not truly gay and the ones that are God loves you and stay away from bad relationships and trust God to bring you the right Soul mate or lifemate or partner same sex or opposite whats ever in his will. That must be why he says only he can judge because only he knows all . Nothing is impossible including a person being born attracted to same sex or people taking vs out the bible to use it to shame anyone different or make their own interpretation to what it means. Sodom ..lust etc etc..Many wives.. comcubines

  20. Be more gracious?!? That’s hard, but I’ll definitely try. I’m the blunt type (by blunt, I don’t mean I’m screaming at them) and am not sure how to go about that, but if the opportunity presents itself to share the Gospel with an LGBT…. person, I’ll try to remember the advice in this video.

  21. Not true..I'm a 50 year old gay Atheist man..and my identity is not seen through a lens of sexuality, and I know many others like me….Sexuality is a part of me just as much as heterosexuals is..Gay people are an oppressed people culturally and that results in effecting how some gay people reflect themselves and see themselves ..


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