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  1. So if Romans 4 is speaking of justification before God and James 2 is speaking of justification before men then why do you say that Abraham was justified by works? Was not Abraham justified by works in the sight of men (James 2:24 ye see…)? Is it not justification in the sight of God what saves the soul (Rom 4:2; 5:1)? Does not Romans 4 teach that Abraham was justified by faith?

  2. i hear it a lot that this is written to tribulation saints but surely James wrote this to the twelve tribes 2000 years ago and they got SOMETHING out of it? right? I mean, u dont write a letter and send it to people if the message isnt valid until 2000 years has passed.
    i dont understand HELP ME +Hensley

  3. When you were talking about respecting of persons it made me think of how churches get excited when a whole family visits than when a single person comes in. At least that is from my limited experience. Has anyone else noticed this and if so, do you have an idea why it is like this?

  4. I disagree tribulations saints cant keep the ten commandments that would make them sinless its about Jesus now and it will be about Jesus in the tribulations , Jesus saves not ten commandments .God bless


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