3 day prayer & fasting for New York–9/19 to 9/21– Pray for uncommon salvation–Christians who are back-slidden will repent and unbelievers will receive Christ. With God nothing is impossible. (LUKE 1:37). If we pray, Jesus will save. Remember the thief on the cross (LUKE 23:39-43) and the 11th hour workers hired 1 hour before the work day was over (MATTHEW 20:1-16)–it’s not too late!

Scriptures referenced in the video come from:
ESTHER 4:13-17
(Three day fast from Tuesday sunset, Sept 19 through Thursday sunset Sept. 21 to intercede for the USA and for NY in particular. Please seek the HOly Spirit as to the type of fasting you will do if you decide to participate. Obedience to the fast is more important than the type of fasting. The Lord honors obedience. USA founding fathers made a covenant that this nation would be a Christian nation. That covenant has been broken. See Nehemiah 10 for an example of how leadership can enter into a covenant with God on behalf of a nation.

NEHEMIAH 10:28-29 – “These men signed on behalf of the entire nation—for the common people, the priests, the Levites, the gatekeepers, the choir members, the Temple servants, and all the rest who, with their wives and sons and daughters who were old enough to understand, had separated themselves from the heathen people of the land in order to serve God. 29 For we all heartily agreed to this oath and vowed to accept the curse of God unless we obeyed God’s laws as issued by his servant Moses.”

Because the USA has broken its covenant with the Lord, we are facing judgments similar to those outlined in Leviticus 26:14-32 (war, plague, famine, destroyed cities, etc.)



  1. Today is 3/31/20. So it really seems God was giving you a prophecy for "such a time as this". Holy Spirit has told me that the children of God really have to focus on their personal prayer life and separating themselves from the world. We are all stuck at home now with social distancing. What an opportunity! But this pandemic has many functions that Jesus is using. And one of them is exposing the hypocrisy of the left and their antichrist policies, even so that the spiritually blind can see it..

  2. I just watched this video for the first time after it was posted over 2 years ago, but I'm still going to fast for New York. I just moved to NY about 6 months ago and there are definitely some demonic strongholds in this state. I will pray for the people who live here, and ask the LORD if He would have me partake in this fast, and how long I should fast. Although this video is a little old, if you are reading this comment please, please pray for New York, and for the US, if the LORD GOD puts it on your heart to fast, please do so as well. God bless you!

  3. Did you happen to see a distressed teen-early-20's brunette white girl getting dragged away by demons a million times stronger than her? xD Hah… T_T
    But no, I think I might have been one of those "children" because I went through a time where I just started to think about political stuff ALOT and how to deal with the problems and the sin that's overwhelming our country. I had some ideas, but I'd probably get killed/swept away before I'd ever be able to dispense them. I don't have enough control over myself to do anything with my life anymore, so it seems, lol (it's not funny).

  4. Sounds like Purim , Esther went before the King, ran the risk of death. but change the heart of the king and the save the Jews from death in all the regions in the kingdom. Your dream is important. The spirit of repentance is key, Thank you Russ from Oregon

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