The Grotto of the Nativity, the place where Jesus is said to have been born, is an underground space which forms the crypt of the Church of the Nativity. It is situated underneath its main altar, and it is normally accessed by two staircases on either side of the chancel. The Grotto is part of a network of caves, which are accessed from the adjacent Church St Catherine’s. The tunnel-like corridor connecting the Grotto to the other caves is normally locked.

The cave has an eastern niche said to be the place where Jesus was born, which contains the Altar of Nativity. The exact spot where Jesus was born is marked beneath this altar by a 14-pointed silver star with the Latin inscription Hic De Virgine Maria Jesus Christus Natus Est-1717 (“Here Jesus Christ was born to the Virgin Mary”-1717). It was installed by the Catholics in 1717, removed – allegedly by the Greeks – in 1847, and replaced by the Turkish government in 1853. The star is set into the marble floor and surrounded by 15 silver lamps representing the three Christian communities: six belong to the Greek Orthodox, four to the Catholics, and five to the Armenian Apostolic. The Altar of the Nativity is maintained by the Greek Orthodox and Armenian Apostolic churches. The significance of the 14 points on the star is to represent the three sets of 14 generations in the genealogy of Jesus Christ. First 14 from Abraham to David, then 14 from David to the Babylonian captivity, then 14 more to Jesus Christ. In the middle of the 14 pointed star is a circular hole, through which you can reach in to touch the stone that is said to be the original stone that Mary laid on when she gave birth to Jesus.

Roman Catholics are in charge of a section of the Grotto known as the “Grotto of the Manger”, marking the traditional site where Mary laid the newborn baby in the manger. The Altar of the Magi is located directly opposite from the manger site.


The Dead Sea Scrolls (also the Qumran Caves Scrolls) are ancient Jewish religious manuscripts that were found in the Qumran Caves in the Judaean Desert, near Ein Feshkha on the northern shore of the Dead Sea in the West Bank. Scholarly consensus dates these scrolls from the last three centuries BCE and the first century CE. The texts have great historical, religious, and linguistic significance because they include the second-oldest known surviving manuscripts of works later included in the Hebrew Bible canon, along with deuterocanonical and extra-biblical manuscripts which preserve evidence of the diversity of religious thought in late Second Temple Judaism. Almost all of the Dead Sea Scrolls are held by the state of Israel in the Shrine of the Book on the grounds of the Israel Museum, but ownership of the scrolls is disputed by Jordan and Palestine.


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  1. Jesus returns on Rosh Hashana, 9/26/2022 just 30 weeks from now. The 2nd horse of the apocalypse has just been released. Rev. 6:1-17 is the entire great tribulation described. the 7-year covenant of Dan. 9:27 relates NOT to the tribulation but to Isaiah 28:14 to the end of chapter 28 and is the "covenant with death" that has been established. Prepare to meet your God.

  2. Bunch of idolaters, you don't know who ye worship, ye error not knowing the scriptures. You are telling me that God fail and his words were burry all this years and now we dig up the pure word of God? How stupid you think the people of God are? I thought that God promised to preserved his words in every generation psalms 12-6? I thought that his words were past down from generation to generation??? we have the King James bible if is not broke don't fix it. so Gods words were in trash all this time? Satan i can see your fingerprints all over this lol i forgot to say>>let me guess? so this scrolls say different than the bible the kjv and before?

  3. Donno why humans keep seeking the living among the dead. Jesus clearly stated "..the time is coming when the true worshipers will worship the Father neither in this mountain nor in Jerusalem. For the Father seeketh these…". Why are they putting up images and objects in so called places they don't even know of? incense, candles and all ritualistic practices have all been abolished since Christ was crucified on the cross of Calvary. Going to so called "holy sites" in the middle east has nothing to do with anybody's salvation or redemption. I hope this helps someone.

  4. Some dead sea scrolls were fake some were definitely real but there are older scriptures then the dead sea scrolls some gnostic scriptures for instance some other essenes Nazarenes and ebonites writing's interesting to note at one stage essenes ebonites and Nazarenes were once the same group but some of the gnostic writing's predate them all I upload them on my channel and also describe their meanings and discuss ancient Christianity

  5. The pictures of white ppl in the Manger are throwing me off as far as authenticity…….if they remember the most important thing that happened in that town they would also remember he wasn't white

  6. Why you blind people obsessed with Jesus birth? Better was the grane he planted he brought fort many Wheat, but some of you are false, you go to Israel for the bread and the fishes, but are not in his teachings,dont work for the bread and the fishes,give your ticket money to the poor and make desciples


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