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I have this confidence because
I’ve seen the faithfulness of God
The still inside the storm, the promise of the shore
I trust the power of Your Word
Enough to seek Your Kingdom first
Beyond the barren place, beyond the ocean waves

When I go through the waters, I won’t be overcome
When I go through the rivers, I will not be drowned
My God will make a way so I am not afraid

You keep the promises You make
There isn’t one that is delayed
So I will not lose heart, here, I will lift my arms
And start to sing into the night
My praise will call the sun to rise
Declare the battle won, declare that it is done

When I am in the fire, I will not feel the flame
I’ll stand before the giant, declaring victory
My God will make a way so I am not afraid

Before me, behind me, always beside me
No shadow, no valley, where You won’t find me
No, I am not afraid



  1. I trust in the name that has me covered! So covid im not afraid and I believe that heavens balconies are being filled up by loved ones lost at this time and as long as we trust in the name above all names, even sickness nor death can seperate us from the love of God!

  2. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I will try/do my best not to be afraid because God will always be with everyone. It’s been very heavy for me and everybody else. I know people and God are doing the right thing and stuff,

  3. Estou aqui no Brasil 🇧🇷 em meio a essa pandemia os meus dias tem sido marcado pelos lindos louvores do Jesus Culture 💪❤️💪🇧🇷🇧🇷😭Deus nos abençoe 🇧🇷😭💪❤️

  4. During this Coronavirus pandemic, I play this song every day to remind me that Our God will make a way. I am not afraid because I walk with HIM. God bless everyone out there during these difficult times.

  5. I remember one night of December 2019, I was crying until I fell asleep. When I woke up, I saw this song on my feed and ever since I just have the confidence that everything will be ok. No worries anymore even if I am now in Italy where Coronavirus is taking so many lives, even it is unclear what the future holds, but I trust God and try to do good!t


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