JESUS full movie English version | Maundy Thursday | Good Friday | Passion of the Christ: This film will help us understand the world in which he lived Savior and find answers to our questions: When it really Jesus was born? JESUS full movie English version


Under what conditions had to live and teach Christ? Who was Herod the Great? Why did Pilate condemned Jesus to death? What the political, economic and cultural reigned in Jerusalem in the days of the Savior? What were the beginnings of Christianity? The authenticity of the film allows hiking in Palestine with the Messiah. Every word spoken by Jesus in the film comes from the Bible.

Directed by: Peter Sykes, John Kirsh
Starring: Brian Deacon



  1. I pray that our youth and coming generations will not depart from the word of GOD

    Today we live in the most cruel world
    Thank you for the video enjoyed it may the word of GOD continue to spread

  2. When I saw 10 million views I cried because I did not know that many people believe in him it’s amazing I love you guys.God bless you my brothers and sisters πŸ₯ΊπŸ’™

  3. Jesus is Lord and God (John 20:28 NIV). Are names were not already written in the book of life because someones name being written in the book of life is their choice for it to be written.Β  Are name is written in the book of life IF we CHOOSE to be a child of God and NOT REMAIN a sinner. Jesus DID NOT die for us to remain a sinner. Are name can be took out of the book of life if we go back to being a sinner and written back if we choose to be a child of God again. Your either a Christian who's a sinner or a Christian who's a child of God choose. Heaven will be filled with children of God not sinners. All sinners will be cast into Hell. Please read (Revelation 20:15) for someone's name not to be found written that means it wasn't written or their name was written and it was took out. Then read (Matthew 7 21-23 esv). Many Christians will have their name NOT found written in the book of life. Jesus will say to them "DEPART FROM ME" because they are workers of lawlessness wich is SIN(1 John 3:4 esv) wich means they are sinners. children of God are not workers of lawlessness (1 john 3:9 niv) that means children of God are not sinners. Christians who are Sinners will not be found written in the book of life only Christians who are children of God will be found written and only they will enter Heaven NOT Christians who are sinners.

  4. Demolishing the historicity of Jesus


    A Bible book = compendium of folk tales and fables!

    recounted orally for generations by primitive tribes from the stone age.

    This is the Old Testament.

    The new Testes is hearsay as these gospels were written by the faithful

    not by objective historians of that particular time.

    There are no gods.. !

    Keep Lies of gods away from children.. !

    Forcing religious beliefs onto children is a form of child abuse,

    which scars their ability to reason

    and also limits their ability to consider the world in an unbiased manner.

    ''…exposure to religious ideas has a powerful impact on children's differentiation between reality and fiction, .''""

  5. Sadly The Passion of the Christ is the only movie that even comes close to what a real crucifixion was actually like. And even that movie isnt completely correct. (Me being a history buff I have to critisize every historical movie) and no movie about Yeshua is actually completely accurate, neither in his life nor his death. Long may Yeshua reighn at the right hand of Alaha.

    P.S The names are Aramaic, which is the language that Jesus spoke. "Allah" is the Muslim pronunciation of the term, not to be confused with "Alaha", which is Aramaic. And Yeshua is a direct transalation from the aramaic word "Eshu", which means many things including, "Salvation" and "One who Saves".

  6. I keep asking why Jesus never used toilet paper. We all know that Jesus Christ Our Savior never had to take a dump. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lump and Salad dressing, with SMILES.

  7. I’m not done with the movie yet but Jesus is coming soon yes ik that none of us know yet but I’m sure all of us know that he’s coming soon repent from all your sins before he comes, Jesus will either say depart from me or well done my faithful servant. What do you want him to tell you when he comes back on judgement day?

  8. Jesus got killed and humiliated by his own creation is this your definition of God,
    wake up people Jesus was nothing but a messenger of God , he never asked for your worship he never said that he is a god these only church teachings.
    we believe in his second coming but he will come for you christians and he will free himself from you and he will break the cross.

    17:3 Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.

  9. The sin-sacrifice- resurrection story is an insult to God (if exists) as it implies God is so barbaric that values blood sacrifice. Superstitious early folks valued blood sacrifice and believed their imaginary God of the Bible also values blood sacrifice. If Jesus had Godly powers, he would still be living on earth today helping folks. Resurrection & ascendance to heaven is a hoax that conveniently occurs in the past & easily dupes the gullible fools.

  10. A true testimony , by the time I was a small boy my class mate from Lutheran Church narrated me about this move centred Jesus . without watching the video I decided to perform the drama during the Good Friday at Orthodox Church with youth spiritual groups most guys from our local community my age mates of our neighbours . I took the Jesus part to perform because of my brown skin . every year on Good Friday we perform it at Wadera St. Gabriel Orthodox Church in Ethiopia . even they used to crucified us on real cross from wood but not nailed , instead they used a rope . after three years later I began to love God and His Son Jesus finally I accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior 1994 . All Glory be to God .

  11. Being a muslim i believe in the second coming of jesus/Isa Why shd i believe??? Bcos in our holy book did says EVERY LIVING THING WILL EXPERIENCE DEATH=kulinafsin zaa ikatulmaut. We believe Isa ibni mariam alaihisalam was ascended to above without being seperated his.body and soul which means he wasn't death when he was rised up. If he didn't come down to experience death the verse was a lie so Allah always keep His promise jesus/Isa/Yeshua will be descended to varify or to declare that he never claimed devinity. He was ascended at the ege of 33 and will be descended in the same age . Of course as we believe he will destroy all the cross and kill all pigs one of his mission and there will be no other religion upon his arrival everybody will be muslim. Jesus/Isa will rule this earth for 40 years before his next pilgrimage/demise shortly trumpet will be blown for a tottal dissaster of all galaxies including planet earth . Nothing left and the last person to die is the angel of death. Before the reconstruction its not earth it is somewhere else we muslim call the field of mashar where we all will be resurrected and this is call day of judgement. At this point of time we still have no chance to see God the muslim will undergo interrogation in the court of justice the good and bad you have done while living on earth will be culculated if your sin is heavier than your deed you will go to hell but for being a muslim hell is where you will be punished purified from your sin once it done you will go to heaven too Allah is the greatest. However, not for those who denied Him these people will be forever in hell . That is why Allah is invisible but he is there watching at us It He who created this world it He who sent all the prophets it He who created all of us Nothing He asks to pay Him back other then keep the commandment and prostates before Him 5 x a day shalat and fasting in ramadhan . He sent Adam , Noah, Ibrahim, Ismael, ishak, Musa, Daud, Isa/Jesus n seal of the prophet Muhamad . Alhamdulillah we muslim still in the track .

  12. Why shd tell lie? How can one man help the whole world? He can't even help himself when he was put on to the cross and again he did called for eli eli lama kambaktani God God why are you forsaken me??? Is this God??? There are so many lie about jesus in the bible and it hard to accept God in a form of man who die on the cross. Further more, 12 deciples the Hawareun non of them pray to jesus not even mother marry pray to jesus. Jesus never proclaimed or rather admitted himself to be God but in the year 325 only he was established by a mass gathering/conference of christian world in nicea where he was proclaimed to be God . Jesus no God Jesus no caucasion jesus a jews same like the arab children of Nabi Allah Ibrahim alaihisalam he ain"t blonde.

  13. Lord jesus,Our savour god bless everyone watching,and in quarintine be safe.Lord jesus i need you, thank you for dieing on the cross for my sin,i open the door of my life and prosive you as my savour and lord,take controll of my life,make me the kind of person you want me to be,Amen.<3


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  15. Bible,Quran and Science

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  16. (1) [The time of] their account has approached for the people, while they are in heedlessness turning away
    (2) No mention comes to them anew from their Lord except that they listen to it while they are at play
    (3) With their hearts distracted. And those who do wrong conceal their private conversation, [saying], "Is this [Prophet] except a human being like you? So would you approach magic while you are aware [of it]?"
    (4) The Prophet said, "My Lord knows whatever is said throughout the heaven and earth, and He is the Hearing, the Knowing."


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