Jesus loves you all, turn from your sin while you have time. God bless you all.



  1. Wow, I am silent for words right now! I was so very emotional inside. This is amazing and it’s such a blessing for me. I’m a boy who experience same sex attraction and I am a bit effeminate. Thank you for this video! It is such a blessing for my life

  2. I’m ftm, and have no interest in relationship or anything that involves dating and sex. I was raised by Christian family, my grandfathers r pastors and and owned their own churches. My family didn’t say anything about my transition, but my parents were shocked and sad, but they tell me to keep “praying and having Jesus in my life” so obviously I still have Jesus in my life… although I’m an abomination, and I know that very well, I’ll keep praying, thanking and loving Jesus. I still attend church, I go to bible studies, I attend a Christian university, I plan on becoming a doctor, or a combat medic. And I’ll keep loving Jesus,

  3. Jesus will always be the light for those who are misunderstood, for the poor, and all the lovers. Jesus is love, he loves us and he wants us to love and to be loved.
    Paradise is not just for hetero, not even just for christians, but for good people. And I think everyone should understand this. Love is love❤

  4. I am a Christian and I know God loves you how you are! Don’t be ashamed for how you feel! God made you that way! Never lie to yourself and love who you want to love! ✌️✝️ Enjoy this life

  5. I'm so glad you are in the Lord sis, you have been a great encouragement to me at this time… I can't explain the amount of change I have inwardly on the back of your testimony through Christ. Bless you and keep on the good trail in the endless love and kindness of our God and his son Christ Jesus…

  6. But why are “men” allowed to be matcho?! Hard men in war!? Why is the Bible ok for them to have several wives? Why are all the nicest men “feminine” and friendly, why is this all so scary why do we have to be afraid of Jesus

  7. I agree get your life right and pray for help with this from the Father but I think it is still a ways off maybe four years or so until Jesus comes back unless you are talking about the rapture.

  8. You probably should marry a girl. I have understanding of all things. The dream you had, condemning your animal violence viewing, was to get you to realize the ridiculousness of such tedious stipulations. To get you to present them in prayer before the Lord. And or continue in the allowance of your faith, to think it was wrong. Faith is objective. Righteous people squeeze themself out of existence. Their mind body and spirit objectify. And so you felt what you did about marriage. Just your accent tells me that your body has objectified because of your spirituality and mind. Because you're a blank slate

  9. After some research the actual description of effeminate means ridiculous, as to pretend to be of the opposite gender acts of deception, deceiving , disgrace
    Still to understand in society today you must consider as what determines a real man from a boy or a real woman from a girl, when a girl has male hormones rushing threw her during her growth or a man with more female hormones then this is really a genetic issue solely developed by evolution not my men nor women but obviously expected by the creation since it is the reality but not of spirit nor soul. So if your consciousness spirit or soul is severely affected by your unrighteousness then this is why Jesus cries to see the soul god gave you become corrupted

  10. It's the effeminate in several bible verses solely means the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God, same as adulterers, fornicators, idolaters nor abusers of them selves with man kind is all considered unrighteous acts by
    Corinthians 6:9

  11. The verse is not addressing a man as feminine , there is separate verse that states no man shall lie with another male as a woman or shall be put to death as this is an abomination, it does not state there shall be no woman lie with another female as a man, so you really have to interpret what is a man and what is a woman not determined by there birth but by there soul and there possible reincarnation, there are very many women out there that look and act just like manly men, also women that you would have no clue they were born a male

  12. Eww. That's nasty your nasty for wanting to be with the same sex and become something that God didnt make you. That's like being upset for how God made you. I'm glad you didn't follow through and stayed a beautiful woman. Yes your very beautiful eyes ,smile ,hair and all..

  13. What is a TRUE REPENTANCE?
    Everyone wants to enter the Kingdom of God
    Read below the requirements to enter the Kingdom of God.
    The Book of Ecclesiastes said the Lord God made man upright, but they have sought out many schemes. Christian religion invented doctrine that teaches all they need to enter the Kingdom of God is believe in the Lord Jesus and forget the Law of Moses. Catholic teaches all they need to enter the Kingdom of God is worship God in graven in images. Muslim teaches all they need is believe the teaching of Mohammad and forget the Law of Moses and the Lord Jesus being their Savior. Judaism teaches follow the Law of Moses and forget about Jesus.

    Since ancient times, the Lord God requires His people to enter His Kingdom by living as holy as Him. He built the country Israel and brought the Law of Moses and Lord Jesus to teach His people and the world on how to live holy life. The Law of Moses is the way of Life in Heaven; It teaches everyone to live holy as the Lord God. Lord Jesus teaches everyone to follow Him. His way of life is based on the Law of Moses. If a man wants to enter the Kingdom of God, he must start reading the Law of Moses and obey every word of them. Remember, the Lord Jesus came only save the Jews as Peter and Paul. These people left completely pagan way of life and lived holy life on the basis of the Law of Moses and teachings of the Prophets.

    If you do not complete the requirement of God but follow the partial teaching of your religion that teaches to reject the Sabbath Day and all the rest of the commandments in the Law of Moses but celebrate celebrations of the world as the birthday, new year and xmas, I want to inform you now that you are not going to make it the Kingdom of God but enter Hell, a place of torment without food, water, house nor medicine. Forsake the teaching of religion but follow the teachings of the Lord God and Lord Jesus without partiality, and you will make it.

    —The Spirit and the bride,
    Mount Zion, Heavenly Jerusalem

  14. I knew I was trans since I was 4 yrs old..No demon influenced me @ that age if there is a fair God. I'm a Christian..I did repent for what I did to my body and I do not share my body w men or women. You're leaving out the eunuchs in the bible who have a "Special place in The Kingdom"

  15. God didn't only create you as his semblance but he created you to live in you, to be part of you and he already loves you as you are before you came to life. Love is what God sees. Everyone will be beautiful in Heaven. But before, as Christ suffered on earth, everyone has his suffering too. We have Him, the Lamb of God, to help us make it through.

  16. So Bold. I am a "Holiness Preacher" follower. Many of the Holiness Teachers (both men and women, but mostly men) seem to rule over the flock a bit. Like a prophet spewing out what God has told them. then they go on their way to make another video for Holy living… You do it with such feeling and personalization it makes us directly relate as if some of us were you. Thank you so much gor preaching the necessity of Holiness and yet not hitting the head of your audience with a brick. Spectacular Spirit!!! The "Holy" Spirit.

  17. "God […] allows slavery, including selling your own daughter as a sex slave (Exodus 21:1-11), child abuse (Judges 11:29-40 & Isaiah 13:16), and bashing babies against rocks (Hosea 13:16 & Psalms 137:9).
    " Please help. I am scared.


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