Jesus coming soon ,End time dream – But a warning from God for Christians to put aside their debates and start preaching the gospel, The dream was sobering i can still hear the sounds , it looked like a fema camp and people were lining up to receive something that would change their life forever , Mark of the beast , is this really the end times, is Jesus coming soon

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  1. yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah ur behind buddy we already know in the near future theyre going to force the vacine mark of beast ur like 100th person now. u should prolly seek ur father instead of prophisying trust me it will pay more dividends. he gives visions to people hes only giving visions to people hes trying to wake up who aint doing their homework.

  2. Indeed,
    X99.9 is a code under WHO's classification of medical diseases , sign and symptoms, etc.
    For this particular code:
    Sharp, piercing object

    Google it people,
    Google it. 😬

  3. Another prophecy may also be unfolding and may have been for a while, if you look at Revelations 7:6 you will.see what I mean.
    something amiss with the tribes, in both my bible's one 1901 and 1934 AKJV's.

  4. Maybe his wife didn't take the chip vaccine but the others who came out the other side took the vaccine chip, and because they took it they became a hive mind? Patent digital vaccine WO202060606 included in this vaccine Luciferase enzyme, false neon light to replace the life in the blood the true light of the plasma.
    The vaccine has the name and the number of the beast.

  5. The Anitchrist has already put New Codes in the data system. Beheading!!! Yes look up CD10 people. There are hospital codes for each patient that enters. Last Oct 2019, for this year 2020 new codes have been entered and Beheading has been added!?! I could not believe what I was witnessing. X99.9 is what this is under.
    The end is close.
    Rev 20:4
    Then I saw the thrones, and seated on them were those to whom judgment was committed. Also I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their testimony to Jesus and for the world of God, and who had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands.They came to life, and resigned with Christ a thousand years.

    People have started catching it on Alaskan sky cams (links updated 
    My Childhood Rapture Dream in Detail
    Let me provide a little disclaimer before I get into this. You may not 
    believe me and that’s okay. Before making any judgements, I ask that you
     please check out the links I provide closely. I realize everyone wants 
    to be extra special and at times this can cause people to make 
    outlandish claims of having powers/visions/exedra. I have no desire for 
    special attention whatsoever. In-fact I don’t really like attention. 
    That being said, I am going to get right into it. 
    When I was a child (approximately eleven or so) I had two dreams the 
    Lord shared with me. One of them was in regards to the rapture of the 
    church. I haven’t had any dreams/visions since; it was just these two 
    life changing encounters with the Lord. At this time I knew absolutely 
    nothing about the rapture and very little about Jesus. It was much later
     in life I realized the full significance of this dream. 
    The dream started with me standing in a back yard on a hot summer day in
     Portland. There was a fence around the back yard and everything faded 
    into nothingness outside of the fence. Off into the distance of the 
    nothingness I could see downtown Portland. Imagine all the 
    land/people/physical matter between this back yard and downtown Portland
     didn’t exist so I had a clear view. I am gazing up into the clear blue 
    sky. Suddenly clouds came in. Somehow the sky was blue and cloudy at the
     same time. The best way I can describe this is simply place one hand 
    over one eye. Doing so, you can see both your hand and what’s behind it.
     In this way I could see both the blue sky and a cloudy sky. Next, Jesus
     appeared in the sky. There were two beings (I assume angels) on either 
    side of him but I wasn’t able to look at them because I couldn’t take my
     eyes off our Lord. At this point I believe my body was changed due to 
    my physical appearance and I was very quickly jerked off the ground 
    (snatched up if you will). Initially I was spinning head over heal in 
    the air due to the catching up. As I was spinning I caught a glimpse of 
    what looked to be a dimly lit dark sun-like object with a large off 
    center sunspot. It was very brief due to the spinning. After I reached 
    about 30ft from the ground I was righted or righted myself and started 
    gently drifting up towards the Lord. Now I was able to look out 
    over/across the top of Portland. I saw thousands of others going towards
     the Lord as far as I could see into the horizon. I remember taking a 
    deep breath and telling myself, “it’s okay, I am with Jesus”. The dream 
    suddenly ended. I didn’t wake up the dream just stopped.

    YouTuber Israeli News Live claims ITS COMING 

    View on desktop, look closely and you can see electromagnetic 
    waves/plasma fire. (At ~1:08:52)


 (At 1:46)
 (At 0:48)

 (At 7:00)
 (At 6:27)

  7. In strongs conscordance the number 615 (6:15 on the clock) alludes to a bondman, prisoner. Exactly what you were seeing in your dream, prisoners of the anti-christ.
    God bless you and yours brother in Christ Jesus. Praise God for the Lord is using you for his glory. Stay on track for your reward is with Jesus. Let us pray that we be counted worthy to be part of the bride of Christ for the rapture to be in the wedding of the lamb. Take care.

  8. The rapture is definitely pre-Tribulation, and you were seeing the large numbers of "Christians" who will be left behind. Interesting that you saw the clock at 6:15. When you look it up in Strong's concordance- to kill- in Greek like in Matthew 10:28. We are not guaranteed another day to live or be raptured, so you are right we need to share the gospel every day. I gave out some gospel tracts yesterday, and I am praying they will read them and repent. God bless you.

  9. Those were the left behind that profess JESUS but didn't submit to Him or put there full faith in Him. They were being taken to the guillotines to finally fully trust Him and lose their head or deny Him and sucume to the mark of the beast.
    Accept JESUS, He is the only way out. praise GOD and thank you JESUS.

  10. I’m not sure what people will make of this but I started seeing the number 666 everywhere after Trump because president. Before that it was 911.

    Hold on, God is coming back for his children.

  11. Thank u for sharing James. I’ve heard a few people say their end times dreams had Walmart’s being used as fema camps. I imagined those screams being people waiting to be beheaded for not taking the mark according to rev. USA already has billing codes for guillotines in some medical facilities. I’ll send u a screenshot and the website

  12. I just looked up 615 in the Strongs Exhaustive Concordance and in Greek it means "to kill" in the Hebrew it means "prisioner". I discovered God uses numbers to look up there. He has answered some number dreams for me that way and they were the perfect definition of the number He gave. People will be beheaded for their faith if they refuse to take the mark of the beast. They have found gillotines being stored in some closed Walmarts here in the U.S. Future "FEMA" camps. They even have a store where railroad tracks go to the store and end there. They are ready.

  13. Amen, thanks for sharing brother and like you said we shouldn’t be debating if it’s going to be pre, mid or post rapture, most important is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Amen🙏. God bless brother and God bless your family🙏.

  14. Plzz. Pray that rapture will take place soon plzz all pray that jesus will come in rapture very soon plzz pray jesus plzz come fast nd take in rapture plzz pray to heavenly father that he will send jesus in rapture very quickly plzz pray to all christian belivers plzz pray plzz🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  15. Yes, there is a lot of public brawling on YT sadly. Bad witness. Blessed are the peacemakers. You took a nap? Mmmm … age catching up on you once you start that. Thanks for posting the dream. Quite a sinister dream – looks like martial law being imposed and they are rounding up the people that are undesirable. The pre-trib rapture allows for salvation after the Rapture. So was it a sort of processing center to make people make their allegiance to the antichrist. Could be before the Rapture but I don't think that persecution for us will be that organized. Prior to the Rapture. I believe that Christians are getting post-rapture dreams for the people left behind. I hope for pre- but pray as though it will be post-. Blessings to you and your family. See you when we fly.


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