First Baptist Church of Glenarden
Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr.


8 a.m., 10 a.m., noon, 4th Sunday and special events


6:30 p.m. (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th Sunday)



  1. Liebe Verantwortlichen von ARD und ZDF: Ehe Ihr wieder Hunderttausende für Frau Helene Fischer und andere ausgebt, setzt diese traumhafte und herzzerreißende Truppe in einen Flieger, packt für die dortige Kirchengemeinde noch kräftig etwas drauf und laßt sie hier bei einer Weihnachtsshow auftreten. Feuchte Augen vor den Bildschirmen wären gewiss.

  2. How can they be so terrible? Why would they bring these kids out in public with such a sloppy presentation? The backup singers didn't hit a right note the whole song and the lead singers weren't much better. I hope they improve significantly before they become the leaders of tomorrow.

    I blame this on the director. She should have known better den to have brought dem kids out in public wit dat mess knowing how ill prepared dey was's. Whoever responsible for dat embarrassing mess ought be fired!

    Poor kids, they gone have to relive this embarrassment over n over again they whole lives. Can't never escape it now wit it all out there on the internet for all posterity like people do these days.

    Over 175,000 people done been subjected to dis ear-wrecking mess. It's a shame. It ain't the kids faults. They was set up for failure! The adults involved in this production should be ashamed of they selves! How u gonna trot some poor little innocent kids out in front of a bunch of people n u know they can't sing a lick??

    And u steady thinking its cool cause "oh they so cute…" NOPE! The kids can't sing! Let em get up on stage and get they pictures taken if it's about them being cute, which they are! But don't pretend like you got em worked up to sing a few numbers! You don't! That was horrible and embarrassing for the kids!


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