This is track 8 from the 1979 album entitled “Come Let’s Reason Together”.
Lead by Janice Nelson
Written by Roberta Martin



  1. We need to bring back songs with virtue back into the churches, and this is definitely one of them!

    It seems that most new Christian songs donโ€™t call the name of JESUS! No man shall come to God except for by JESUS, there is NO OTHER WAY, according to the Holy Bible.

  2. This is right on time, I had this song stuck in my head lately coming all the back from my childhood. But the version I have is sung with a higher pitch almost angelic tone, however this version is just as good. Thank you, nonetheless I found it.

  3. I heard this song when I was a kid, but it was instrumental lead by a saxophone. A female begins mouthing the words, but then the saxophone takes over. Do you know who produced it or who the saxophonist is?

  4. yea yes indeed really enjoying thats my king by Florida mass. sis porter from Alpha. church put her heart. and soul in it ! " Also sis Casey at New Noncannah. does very good on it Like sis porter

  5. I Love yo.ur music that you are putting out. The old time gospel is what I'm into. Like this song I love this song. I pray that we do not lose sight of the way we us to have church.

  6. my lord my lord in really enjoying Jesus thatsmy my king Florida mass woo wee A Beautiful. day been waiting to hear love this version thank very much ago Amen!Mrs. lonera potter done very well on it she put her heart in everything sung she sang at Alpha Church

  7. Thanks so much for posting this song. My aunt the late Sister Jannie Slaymon & the late Sister Pearlean Adkins used to rip this song back in the day at Faith Memorial Baptist Church

  8. Ha thank so very very much someone got it finally post I been trying for months Jesus that's my king Florida mass choir Amen Thankyou Lord yes sir !! love that version


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