Jimmy Swaggart, just two months before the PMRC Senate hearings in Washington D.C., goes off on Stryper (without calling out their name) and Christian Rock. He also disavows his cousin Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, and Chuck Berry for starting rock and roll! P.S. he would soon be busted with prostitutes!



  1. i watch jimmy swaggart you dont mind singing sometimes alluella which is written and sung by chuck giruard who also wrote and sung rock n roll preacher if you Christian rock so bad stop singing sometime alelluea cant have it two ways

  2. I hope and pray that Swaggart has changed his view on Christian rock, but I doubt if he has or is too stubborn to admit he was wrong. If he has changed his view he needs to admit he was wrong and make a public apology to everyone he attacked on the issue and retract everything he has said in the past. But he has never done that and probably never will. If he will just shut up on the subject that may be all we will ever get from him.

  3. I think in part by bad mouthing the rockers for Jesus he in part empowered the industry to take advantage of their artists. this fool is responsible for a lot of ugly truths that Doug Van Pelt wrote about in Heaven's Metal Magazine(somebody should get them to repost that amazing article !). when you don't respect the art and the artist you leave them open to the worst kind of people. he is personally responsible for this Disgrace !

  4. What I always found particularly sad about this tirade was that many of these bands were FANS of Swaggart! They agreed with him and stood with him on many issues. In fact, I understand that Stryper was formed as the result of a Jimmy Swaggart crusade! And then for him to turn his guns on them and say what they were doing was wrong must have been heartbreaking!


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