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Jireh Elevation Worship | TOP BEST TRIBL | And songs Maverick City Worship Compilation 2022


Jireh Elevation Worship | TOP BEST TRIBL | And songs Maverick City Worship Compilation 2022
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[00:00:00] – Jireh
[00:07:38] – Refiner
[00:14:26] – Promises
[00:23:01] – Most Beautiful
[00:36:09] – Man of Your Word
[00:45:23] – Have My Heart
[00:51:38] – Take Me Back
[00:56:40] – I Thank God
[01:04:55] – You Hold it All Together
[01:14:29] – You Keep On Getting Better
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  1. I was Muslim and converted to being a follower of our lLord Jesus Christ..I prayed to God one time with all my heart and asked him to show me if he’s real then Jesus came into my life. The holly spirit is guiding me and I will start preaching in God’s name one day to bring this gift of rue love and happiness to less fortunate and lost souls.Amen

  2. This song here, hmmmm…. it healed my broken heart 💔 I was suffering from rejection and the song spoke to me directly. "I can never be more loved" I am already loved" Thank you Holy Spirit. Hallelujah 👏 👏

  3. I’m really grateful to God ,he is too faithful to fail me worship God with all your soul and you shall see the goodness of God ,God has won my battle in different ways wenever I am down I seek the Holy Spirit he answers me in different ways through different signs through all this I pray that more souls shall be won for Christ and people start seeing the great works of God it doesn’t matter where you are today but what you are doing today to change your levels through Christ I also pray that people understand the word gratitude and lead to it by doing the right thing by appreciating God for what he has done in your life a heart of gratitude open doors for more blessings and more wins you can appreciate God through testimonies that is testifying what the lord has done for you alos by praising him and trust you will see more works in your life he is worthy to be praises I have seen the goodness of God in my life and my family life .I love you God

  4. Am truly thankful and grateful for all HIS Awesome unfailing Love and unending blessings graced unto us in every areas and endeavors of our beings!Amen…!!!Hallelujahs…!!! I truly love YOU dearly Loving LORD,with my sinful Soul..!!!🙏🏾💒🙌🏽🧎🏾‍♂️🧎🏾‍♀️ 💕✌🏽💪🏽🫂😘👏🏽👋🏽Thanks brethren for your gifted,beautiful and blessed gospels songs graced from above!My regards and much love to you all, and we remain richly blessed 🫂🥰😘👏🏽👋🏽

  5. Always renewed listening these songs. Hopeful, Expectant, Encouraged and Now Fulfilled. More than anything else, WE NEED LOVE OF ONE ANOTHER. That's the missing point. Away from acquisitive greed and oppression. We can't eat more than we need. Thanks to Almighty God for grace and discernment.

  6. When I think of who can surely provide for me other than the God, the provider , my sovereign God in times of lack, He surely comes through for me most times in my life …is Jehevor provider …they is no any other than the God own thousand cattles on the hills …is an amazing God….Am blsed of you Oh God my dad, father Abba father

  7. I was homeless for a year being pregnant with my son That's 2 year old I've been through so much where I had nothing I've been doing shelter to shelter where I experience past trauma

  8. Amen Hallelujah and more grace to the group and I thank God for you ' you are blessing to me and what I notice about your songs they come from scriptures and I can't go a day without listening to your songs I'm soo blessed Hallelujah and more grace to the group and blessing 🙏

  9. J'adore 🥰💖 merci pour ta Grâce Seigneur. Pêcheur nous sommes, mais Tu nous AIMES sans conditions et je me sens tellement désolée parfois de ne pas être à la hauteur de ce que tu attends de moi. Merci pour ton amour.💖💖🙏🙏🙏

  10. You the best father that anyone could have to wear again nothing's impossible for you Lord and I've seen that by experiencing it I only have your faith in you to where 8 years now I'm still a believer stronger than ever but not perfect by only accepting my failures and my trials and my storm has made me a humble man a better man a man with courage a man with strength a man with knowledge and wisdom in order to do right be right and someday even act even writer or Tammy my tongue and learning how to speak to others is still working progress but my face and my ability to face any challenge has been a lesson learned and may succeeding through you Lord Jesus I give you all the praise and glory hallelujah amen

  11. JESUS!He never said "it will be easy."He said "you'll never be alone!Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Let His praise be continually in our mouths. Praise HIM no matter what!There will never be a mountain GOD can't move!There will never be a sin GOD won't forgive!There will never be a chain GOD can't break!There will never be a valley GOD won't walk you through!Today, I declare that you're about to walk into the greatest miracle of your life!What you prayed about is coming!It's gonna happen…


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