There’s nothing more powerful than your faith. When you believe, that’s what activates God’s power.

Are you living with expectancy knowing that God is bigger than your problems, greater than that sickness, and more powerful than that addiction? Or, are you discouraged, thinking things will never change? It’s time to get your faith back; God is passing by. He has all power.

You have to be more determined than what’s trying to stop you if you’re going to reach your potential. In this message, you’ll learn how to release your faith and reach out to God. Many people are waiting on God, but sometimes God is waiting on us to reach out and release our faith. Show God that you’re ready to be healed, ready to be free, ready to go to a new level with your expectancy. It’s time to believe and release your faith!

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  1. Sh'ma Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Eḥad: "Hear, O Israel: the LORD is our God, the LORD is One."
    Brothers read your Bibles is all in there The Ruach HaKodesh (set apart spirit) will teach if you ask him Salvation is from YHVH his name is Yahshua HaMashiach The Lamb that takes away the sin will marry only one Bride not a multiple personality multi denominational Constantine made Church The name of the Bride is Israel you can be grafted and adopted, EMUNAH (faith) is base on obedience to his Torah not a wishful thinking
    If you claim to serve the One and only Elohim of the Bible read read and keep reading,
    The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob the Elohim of Israel May have Rajem (mercy) on all of us

  2. No matter which translation you study, Hebrews 11:1a assures us: "NOW faith is…." When is that? NOW? Yes! Regardless of what faith was before, 1 minute ago, yesterday, last yr…. From here on out…. Faith IS the substitute of things hoped for AND the evidence of things not seen. AMEN (AWM) 😉

  3. Thank you guys so much your word is so real I know for a fact that the word comes from you I woke up every morning and put you wan at night I put you wan my day goes very nice I love your life I love the way the example that you put out there so well being a good husband a good father and a good person I thank you in Jesus name for your kindness yes I love you brother and your family thank you God bless us Jesus name

  4. Just one of my testimonies: January 2018 I fractured my knee, I was told by the Orthopedic surgeon I will need surgery,which I refused he told me due to my age (64) healing would take much longer so surgery was best option, my answer was I will not have surgery, they need to put my knee on in a Brace which he did on one condition I came back the first of February for more X Ray's and if the fracture had not healed, he was going to do Surgery. I went back 1st Feb and the fracture had healed, thank you Jesus, he then instructed I remove the brace, and walk with a Walker for 4 weeks, and needed to return for a check up I walked out of his rooms with knowing my God knows differently, and walked with that walker for 2 weeks. Went for Physio 3 days, was told I would need more sessions, and was not allowed to wear high heels for at 3 months. You guessed right I never went back for more sessions, and started wearing high heels ( and when I say hi heels, close to sky skrapers) the following day. Have not had a days problem with my knee, went back to gym straight away. We serve the mightiest God. Because of him I can confidently walk in Faith. Praise God, thank you Jesus.😇🙏❣🇿🇦

  5. I can't believe this, Joel and Victoria please thank God for me. I trusted that God has the final say and asked for prayers for a promotion. Today I have not just a promotion but appointment DEPUTY Commissioner General of the organization. God has the final say. Keep the word of God coming it is building people of God 🙋🙏🙌🙏🙏


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