Welcome to the 2022 Revelation Faith Conference! Theresa Cerullo, David Cerullo and the Morris Cerullo World Evangelism Team welcome you to this powerful conference here today at the Legacy International Center in San Diego, California!

To give online, visit https://mcwe.com/rf2022-sat2/

To give by text, Text RFC to 1-858-281-4455

To give by phone call 1-800-508-0949 You are not watching by accident!

Our prayer is that your prayer life, your family and your ministry will never be the same again and that one day soon, we will have the joy of welcoming you to Legacy!

Prayer Ministers are ready to agree with you in prayer NOW at 1-800-508-0949. Miracles happen when someone cares and we care what happens to you!



  1. Revelation 12 stating it’s a male child is actually a female. Back when they put the Bible together the men couldn’t even accept that a female would rule so the changed the she to a he. Before Christ was born it went through the male line. After he was born from his bloodline it went through the female. To get a complete person as in the beginning you needed both male and female. So the 2nd Christ, the root of David, Lioness, Ephraim who came out of the 7 churches from Macedonia is female ❤️2022 will mark the halfway point in the tribulation so please be ready 🦁the Antichrist is the Governments the Catholic Church the Crown and people in power


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