Dr. John MacArthur is—far and away—America’s greatest Bible teacher. In 2015, I had a burning desire to understand what the Bible really meant, however, everywhere I searched, all
I found was grossly undereducated men who called themselves “preachers” or “pastors” who were chiefly interested in:
1. Making money
2. Gaining popularity
3. Spreading a false gospel

It was quite obvious to me they had very little Biblical knowledge.

MacArthur, on the other hand, has a vast knowledge of the Bible and goes to great pains to explain it so articulately. I can honestly say that he changed the direction of my life. I am forever grateful to find such a wonderful teacher. Therefore, I’ve created this YouTube channel in order to propagate his accurate and thorough Biblical teachings.

I implore you to go directly to his website to learn more about the Word of God: https://www.gty.org/ Here you will find a wealth of information on virtually any subject in God’s Word. You can search by scripture, Books of the Bible, or keywords.

MacArthur is not focused on making money, unlike many false Christian preachers today. You can download his sermons for FREE! Just click on this link to go directly to his sermons.

I pray that God blesses you with a deeper understanding of the Word of God!



  1. Single Christian women here, looking for Christian Godly husband. (Has to be rich, tall, handsome etc etc) lol jk. 😄 But seriously, this is not good advice..

  2. Why would men "step up" and get married when the vast majority of divorces are initiatied by women? Marriage is to risky and men are aware of that. I'm not going to work my entire life only for a woman to leave me and take half my assets, then force child support and alominy out of me. Stay single out there men.

  3. The advice is stay single. You'll be happy, more money, not as many headaches, won't get used, can spend your time serving God instead of some ungrateful Heffer who wouldn't sacrifice the same for you. God will appreciate it.

  4. The sad reality is that Satan and the government have hijacked marriage and that any man foolish enough to sign up for marriage with the current laws the way they are should not be surprised if the woman breaks the contract because the woman is literally incentivized
    by the state to do so. I wish this wasn't reality because I've always had a traditional view of marriage.

  5. I normally love Pastor John, but he’s way off on the current situation out there with relationships and culture and single Christians in this evil culture. I’m not “rescuing” any woman and pastor has got this completely flip flopped. Men are demonized in modern culture and females are pedestalized and are not held accountable for anything. You could marry a Christian woman you met in church have kids with her, be good and loyal to her and a decent Father, and at anytime she could change her mind divorce you, take your kids away from you and with the state's backing order you to pay her massive amounts of money while she's moved on with Chad. Maybe even kick you out of the house you bought and move Chad in.

  6. God never leaves His people without advisors and teachers by Holy Spirit ……Halleluja for J. MacArthur dear Father in Heaven ….. thank you Jesus you are so wonderful and we long for you to come back……

  7. How about the elephant in the room… Christian leadership ignoring the obstacles that our society and even women themselves put in the way of godly men fulfilling their role in regards to marriage and domestic leadership. Can't tell you how many times the spirit of "strong independent woman, don't need no man" has reared it's ugly head in the church.

  8. In Esther chapter 1, Queen Vashti is dethroned because she refuses to let her husband's drunken friends ogle her. This shows there are lots of women, even non-believing women, who don't feel proud when men leer at them. Instead, they feel angry, disgusted, humiliated and scared. Modesty teachers never acknowledge this. I recommend watching Reclaiming Beauty on the Botkin Sisters website, although I don't agree with all of it and reading A Disposition on Meekness and Quietness by Matthew Henry for Bible verses which combat excessively long and excessively strict modesty dress codes.

  9. Most Christian women today are NOT ready for marriage. We live in a very sick society today. We are not living in the 50s, 60s, or 70s. We are living in very evil times now, where the masses are deeply manipulated, deceived, and morally corrupted, and the poison is in the church too. Many Christian today desire thugs and prostitutes and demonic folks they see and enjoy in porn videos.

  10. What are men waiting for?

    I'll take that one pastor. As men, it's our responsibility to be able to support a family. In this economy, we have to wait longer than our fathers and grandfathers. On top of that, when the wife gets bored of the husband, she divorces him, takes the kids, house, and at least half the cash. Oftentimes, the husband also has to pay alimony. When the wife remarries, the new guy becomes the kids' new dad.
    Also, I keep hearing that we men need to "step up," when do women need to "step up"? I never see women held accountable for their actions.

    If marriage is God's greatest gift, does that gift (at least in the west) come with a receipt?

  11. Some people here like the pastors comments some don’t but what is the answer? Should we just accept fewer and fewer Christians ever getting married or marrying another Christian? Really how many Christians who never marry are living the happy celibate porn free life? Many ministries have for decades now been teaching the you can be happy if you never get married message and I think it’s done a lot of harm. As long as the church doesn’t force marriage what is wrong with helping people who need help to do so? The biblical teaching on singleness is a hard one and few will live it well.


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