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  1. Forgot prince the singer killed 4/21 blood sacrife spring equinox and if you could, could you analize ths song purple rain . Followed him after the movie always and in death as well . First verse seems like talking bout a lover or whatever but second verse to me made never made any sence.
    Just didn't go with the song. What's your thoughts NICHOLSON 1968 or anyone's thoughts …. The elites the new world order idk just off to me

  2. Dude that video gave me chills up and down my spine- its a rare song that gives you the truth and the chaotic guitar matches up perfectly with the imagery- there are many among us that do feel life is but a joke. I was one for a while, a keen mind and a seared conscious will do that- your lucky i dont know where you live BECAUSE if i did i would come over there and give you wet willies and purple nurples till you put out that clockwork angels video you've been teasing- permission be damned- mathia bybalonia didnt give you the double agent heads up so you could live in fear of legal consequences- we are well past that- its time son !!! ♠

  3. In the book of revelations where a mighty angel stands with one leg like a column of smoke in the sea and one leg on the shore. This speaks of the two riders as well. Soon my brothers. There's no evil coming but a refining fire to make all of Gods sons shine. He loves us!

  4. That little triangles remind me of a music station called viva..From the general view, this definitely has something to do with music or some kind of sounds…He stops to earthquakes pictures, where i can read ''trans world'' than the clock shows 1:00 or 13:00 the aquarius sign than the blackout world..

  5. I thank God for you,Casey,S2B,Dahboo,Mark and others because of your great work and God given wisdom our eyes are open a bit more everyday, 🙂
    God bless you…

  6. In the video the cgi points at Centary and makes a fist at trans world. All the pictures are on a time line, The hexagon shapes are direct referance to Saturn their god Binah/ Female.

  7. Illuminatti card, was played at fukushima, the clock tower is in Tokyo Ginza Waco. The differant colored shirted people reffers to The cult of Saturn or radiation badge.
    In the full video above BE READY THERE IS,
    A Clock- Time And Space
    A yin and Yang- Refers to Saturn
    A sign or Sound wave, The 2 keys on the popes seal are not keys for door a lock they are notes like in music notes
    A earth- and that is earths conection to Saturn
    A plug, Be Ready The Geniusses are going to plug in ?

  8. Great work- I love tht u work w/ Casey and S2B too!!! Casey is a fav also of mine- you r both really "ON IT" WOW! I also like Hendrix version better- good or bad it was the "music of the day"- I remember my friends aunt saying "U R listening to Satan Music!" We cldn't see it then- BUT Hendrix etc were USED and tossed like cheap luggage- very sad indeed! Prism/ Pink Floyd/ Rush etc Telling us ll along!!! Wow!!! We cldn't SEE it until time ws right- Bible says Truth will come in the end of days!!!

  9. Casey I jusy LUV your work and also N1968 too!!! What a great team S2B is cool too- I believe his "AK" rendition IYKWIM! I also studied w/ JWs for 2 yrs BUT I didn't become one- THEY were the 1st to say there wld be a ONE World Gov/ Religion etc- I thought THEY were nuts BUT I see now that they did know and are a part OF IT It appears as well- Santos Bonacci was also a JW- he got into "other stuff" some relevant and some IDK- As Above So Below- JWs 1st said THIS wld come abt- I thought NO WAY!!!

  10. I always thought Pink Floyd cover had to do with the planetary alignment that happened May 25 2013, but there 1977 album animals has the picture of Battersea power station and I thinking there's alignment??

  11. Sector NY Water I don't know really but you think it has to have an alignment or a code of some kind out there and I thought of the Great Lakes Lines but No NY, will find link or name to share for the great Lakes lines

  12. When I see the Big Ben Card, i always think what if it's not Big Bend Rockwell Automation has largest four-sided clock in the western hemisphere. And the Joker hospital looks like the building and it's off of Lake Michigan. ( just thinking outside the box)


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