Beautiful Jesus, Official Lyric Video from “Beautiful Surrender.”

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  1. This is a powerful song. Thank you so much for your obedience in singing it. I put on the song after and cried as I encountered more of Jesus' love for me. I needed healing in my marriage and Jesus brought for a vision of Him holding my marriage rings and talking to the Father about my marriage. In essence He was interceding for my marriage. Jesus started to tell me how He saw me, with affirming, life giving words. I woke this morning feeling so much better. My husband apologized and we were able to talk through some things. Thank you again for the simplicity and power of your song.

  2. Hey Jesus, won't You come and dress me in Your thoughts
    Pick out Your favorite ones I'm holding out my heart
    You cover gray, empty space with color from Your well
    Deep love is pouring out and filling up my shell

    Beautiful Jesus, My glorious friend
    The One who never grows weary and stays till the end
    Oh how I love You, I cannot begin to say
    All of the reasons that I love to sing Your name

    Holy Spirit, won't You come and cover me in light
    Illuminate the dark space with color yellow bright
    Like the stars coming out and filling up my night
    The glory of Your promises, You make wrong things right
    You make wrong things right

    (chorus) (x2)

    Oh, how I love You
    Oh, how I love You
    Oh, how I love You
    Jesus (x2)

    I love You, no one's like You
    Keeper of my heart
    Beautiful Jesus (x2)

  3. After Abba, this song became my favorite one😍 Jesus Jesus Jesus, am in love with Jesus and this song represents how my relationship with Jesus 🥰 I love you Jesus

  4. I wanted to see the lyrics, and now its keeping me awake at 3am. I scrolled down to see if it’s hitting everybody’s heart the way it hits me. I am in deep tears when I heard this song! I am in deep tears , oh Lord Jesus thank you that i feel your love!


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