Jonathan Cahn joins Erick Stakelbeck on TBN’s Praise to discuss his new book, The Return of the Gods. Cahn takes his readers on an unforgettable journey into the mysterious secrets of ancient Middle Eastern parables and inscriptions — secrets that may shed light on the cataclysmic occurrences taking place right now in America and across the earth.

Is it possible that these ancient mysteries hold important clues to the wickedness assaulting our world today, from the evil and troubling images that confront us on our computer monitors and television screens, to the breakdown of society and culture, the attack on our communities, families, and children, and the alarming present-day transformation of America and the world?

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  1. “Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a reproach to any people.”
    — Prov 14:34 (NKJV)

    Praise God for this revelation 🙏🏽 Christians in America should rise up in Intercession for their country as victory is the Lord's.

  2. And this the 11th day of November 2022 as we slowly degrade into a Democracy another Revolutionary War looms just ahead. Will our Republic survive will the people see they have been deceived before we descend into War? Lets pray we do regain our full Republic before any blood is shed. It must start once again with Education the very place the enemy infiltrated. Only in Christ will we survive.

  3. This change in sexuality inside schools and a generation falls on the liberal ideology as a hole not one person who was persuaded by the democratic party at one time. This country still has time for change before it spreads. I think demonic possession is possible if our leadership inside Washington is not rectified. I believe in a Union between two people with a vision and solutions using common sense and creative simplicity. Two or three people who want the bible back in every way including their own lives before its too late. I know that I could use the support before I am consumed by darkness. Prayers for myself, wife and dear friend.

  4. Its obvious half the nation is content of the present party in control, demo's. They have the R.C. factor, refusal to change ingrained in their self. Signs, warnings of the nations iniquities, ignored…They've turn their backs to our True God, revert to paganism. Woe's, not good!!!

  5. Jonathan, In your title for this book the word "GODS" should be in SMALL letters aka gods!!! There's only ONE GOD & you're talking gods mostly about the Small Wannabe gods here!!

  6. They are manifested by some of your people because they run Hollywood. The builders of the great fiction. Not the myth because the original camp fire stories are the stories that were given to us by the creator. They are the stories that fueled our evolution of the brain, and your people cursed everything that was not of them. Like Cain, or the indo European life style because a brother killed his brother, or a cow to use his body parts to create the cast system, and then you cursed the hunter gather by the blessing of Jacob over Esau. The same thing happened in Babylonia shemast youngest son was dressed in the clothes of his father. Was it Ham that was cursed, or was it Shem, or shamast a veil has been thrown over all of our eyes because Lamb means Set the killer of Osirus. God said that he has a surprise for you, and your people because will the snows be forsaken just because they do not come from Lebanon. You have caused them to stumble and walk in a way that is not cast up. One that was not delegated to them by their fathers. You have played the harlot, and have cast lots against the lord of host. The God of the the covenant. You now have 30 days to stop role playing, and make a real sacrifice amongst my holy temple walls.

  7. Well done Jonathan with great thanks. Are these malevolent spirits (demons) all who were originally thrown out of heaven with Lucifer before the Fall? We know that the whole world today is in the grip of dark entities which is getting worse as the end draws near. Our only way forward is to be free of their controlling manipulations in our lives by giving our all to Christ. Blessings from the UK 🙏😀

  8. baal – appearance of holiness (hence, lie by definition)
    ishtar – wicked thought, confusion and recklessness
    moloch – wicked action
    (love is confused with lust and one's ego, subjective)

    God the Father – Substance of Holiness (hence, truth itself)
    Holy Spirit – Pure thought, Clarity and Peace
    Son of God – Righteous Action
    (love is the objective force that is God himself – the Will of God)

  9. Yes! The Bible talks about Demons being at the Head of Countries so I thought when America turned Evil it makes sense that we have Demons at the Head of our Cities and our Country

  10. Oh and the Commonwealth games in Europe had brought in a large bull with red eyes and showing a building with fire. The dancers were chanting with crystal’s and bowing down to this bull! Unbelievable!!

  11. Now today, Israel has turned away from God and is worshiping a man whom they say is the Messiah. God have mercy! Going to get this book to read. It’s getting bad, praying like many others for revival!!🙏🏻♥️🙌

  12. Even deeper WHY the evil entities want to prove to God that HIS idea of giving humanity agency, was a bad idea……..see……they say……people will always choose evil over good. We need to choose good over evil.

  13. I believe when they say the beast is going to rise out of the sea we are going to see the nephilim again. More than just Giants. Demons are going to walk this earth in the physical realm and the one who isn't saved isnt going to believe they are demons and nephilim they are going to call them aliens or gods.


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