1. Well I'm thinking of buying some of your sermons but unfortunately if they contain these little middle breaks on the audio then I definitely would prefer a money back because they are really annoying. I don't know if for marketing tactics or they are failed edits and post on YouTube as failed edit audios??? I noticed that Jonathan Khan have full sermons on YouTube but rather sells them so I'm wondering if this particular one is done deliberately with annoying loud music to prevent someone from copying it and would make the person copy work to edit the track? I just don't know what else because nope gives an explanation here why the annoying frequent breaks. Maybe it's a Gene Simmons Jewish tactic… Patent everything and sell everything???? You know in my van and it's a ugly druggie looking van but I make $1,034 on disability fit income and I would love to hear these full sermons but to pay five bucks for each one??? I do believe in John Cahns walk with God is a good one but to sell his sermons????? Anyone know how I can get them free????

  2. I wish everybody actually read the Bible more, so they would see that Paul tried as hardest to get Ephesus or the church there to listen to his theology and accept what he was teaching. Then he says that they rejected him and I think they even threw him in jail, and if you look in Revelations 2 Jesus even thinks the church Ephesus for trying false apostles or apostles that appoint themselves, like he says if I was to witness about myself and it never really happened just like Paul is the only one that says he's the apostle, but in Revelations chapter 2 Jesus literally says that and there's a lot of other things that proves that Paul wasn't legit but I'll just stop with that

  3. Why do you have this Constant, loud, annoying, interruption of your Message???? I'm subscribed and it is constantly keeping me from Hearing what you are saying…trying to get me to subscribe!!!! Other than that…your message is great and I want to hear the Rest of it.

  4. The peak of Egypt was in the year 1520bc. This was the same year that Hatshepsut took Moses out of the water. 80 years later in the year of 1440bc, Thutmoses 111 has his army destroyed and Egypt only rises again but still not as great as it once was in 1520bc. That was the time of Ramses during the 1200bc. That was the time of the judges.

    My own testimony is on YouTube called Rapture Apocalypse testimony 2018

  5. In the news: 
    Tesla has now become a trillion dollar company just as Apple and Amazon did last year.

    In the Bible: 
    "…for thy merchants were the great men of the earth."  (Revelation 18:23).

    In the news: 
    A record number of container ships are backlogged at American ports.
    (They are still backlogged as of July 2022)

    In the Bible:
    "…and every shipmaster, and all the company in ships, and sailors and as many as trade by sea stood afar off and cried when they saw the smoke of her burning…" (Rev.18:17, 18). "The merchants of these things, which were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and wailing." (Rev.18:15).

    Rev. 18:4 "…Come out of her my people…"

  6. Why was I subjected to occasional interruptions of this talk to horrible loud music, but if I didn’t give up, it would finally stop & I could listen for awhile, until the next irritating interruption?

  7. Thank you rabbi Cahn, it's imaging teaching. Thank you for educating the saints for the knowledge of God mystery. Knowing the history it's so important. Thank you for standing strong and faithful to the King of King and Lord of all. God bless you and your family 👪 and your ministry.

  8. You have no idea, Jonathan, how refreshing it is to my memory by taking me back to the ancient world [The Middle Age] from General History and the Greek Literature that were my collegial stem point.👍🏽🙏👌🏿

  9. Thank you our RABBI… Blessed.. !!!! We need To Run To Gods Forgiveness love And word. Fast and Pray. And Expect His Love…ISAIAS 55 The Lord's Ways And Thoughs for Us are Better And Higher than we imagine. Trust God. Nothing bad from this crisis Will Happen . May be for better. Love From Miami


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