Jimmy Dore shows his hypocrisy by saying “JOY REID is islamophobe”

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Christian Prince is a respected scholar who is well-known for presenting the truth to millions of Muslims and Christians around the world. He is a native Arabic speaker who earned a degree in Islamic Law (Sharia Law) and Civil Law. He is also the author of the “Qur’an And Science in Depth” and if you speak French, “Les Secrets du Prophète Arabe” and many others.

He has an endless history of debating Muslims, with thousands of videos available online enriching them with valuable free education. His target is to unite the force of love between the people, regardless of their religion. He is trying to reach out to Muslims for better understanding in order to fight together against hate or violence which is generated by the wrong interpretation of religion and Scriptures.

Ignorance is the major enemy of mankind, which creates division and violence. He is hoping to explain to Muslims that Christians or non-believers should not be considered as an enemy, but they can be friends and live in peace together by rejecting any hateful teachings and accepting the Message of Love.

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