A jury has ruled that parts of Katy Perry’s 2013 hit “Dark Horse” were lifted from a song written by Christian rapper Marcus Gray, who is known as Flame.



  1. No soy religioso ni nada soy ateo , pero esto demuestra el castigo de Dios en ese video creo que todos lo sabemos que tiene frases iluminati en esa canción es probable que haiga vendido su Alma a satanás, el castigo fue una demanda de 2 millones de dólares y que raro que fue exactamente de una cancion "CRISTIANA" fua el karma XD

  2. Loser "rapper" "rips off" Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, JS Bach, Go down Moses, and then complains about another artist being influenced by the same beats when they attain the success he failed to achieve…. Fixed that news story title for them…

  3. the song dont even sound the same XD see a sound is a sound no one owns rights to a beat or a sound now if her lyrics we're sim id see it could be but come on xD a SOUND? rofl that shits laughable


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