Award-winning rapper and fashion designer, Kanye West, has hit out at Black Lives Matter, declaring it was a scam and the movement is “over.” 

At a Paris Fashion Week event the superstar rapper was spotted with Daily Wire host Candace Owens, both of whom wore “White Lives Matter” shirts. The shirts also included a picture of the Pope’s face on the front.

Owens and Kanye garnered a strong reaction from the media and celebrities, who expressed their outrage over the shirts, with some declaring that the rapper was guilty of “fascism.” 

Others pointed out that the reaction that they received would have not been the same had they worn “Black Lives Matter” shirts, bringing the double standard to the forefront of the conversation. 

Kanye posted an image on Instagram reading, “Everyone knows that Black Lives Matter was a scam. Now it’s over, you’re welcome.”

The BLM movement has faced increasing criticism in recent months, following revelations that some of its high-profile organizers had used the money to purchase homes in wealthy white neighborhoods. 

New York Magazine reported in April that Black Lives Matter secretly purchased a $6 million house, leaving many questioning where the organization’s money, which was donated by members of the public, has gone. 

Kanye’s criticism of the BLM movement comes a month after he made headlines for slamming the legitimacy of the made-up holiday, Kwanzaa. 

“They teach black kids Kwanzaa at Sierra Canyon,” he said in a now-deleted post, referring to a private school in Chatsworth. “What the f*** is Kwanzaa and who made that bulls*** up? Everyone lives in LA for the check anyway so no one really cares about their children being indoctrinated.”

As detailed by Newsweek, Kwanzaa was manufactured by black activist Maulana Karenga in 1966. He was later convicted of assault and false imprisonment.

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