Directed by Kanye West and Nico Ballesteros



  1. this feels more like an MK-ULTRA session than anything else, this is dark! stay tuned, possibly Kanye is under strong hypnosis!
    this is evil! Kanye's childhood house on fire, and with a dark ceremony like an initiation, the house is like the symbolism of Kanye's mother who was sacrificed, in exchange for evil, the dark bride with those dark entities shrouded, I have sorry for Kanye because apparently he is under strong MK-ULTRA hypnosis, someone help him! he's in the dark, and what shocks me is how no one talks about it, open your eyes!

  2. This is the type of song that has you waiting outside the craft store to go in, crying. Just thinking of all your ambitions and dreams. Such an undervalued song. Probably my favorite Ye song ever. ♥️


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