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  1. The pope is calling for Sunday law to fit in with Climate change agenda. Saying we need to rest Sunday to give the earth a rest. There is a big conference coming up in May where he is going to ask world leaders to come together on this

  2. The sabbath is Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. When the sunday law is established fully everything will be closed on Sunday and you'll not have much of a choice but to work on Gods sabbath friday evenings and saturdays

  3. I firmly believe they are pleased because Yahushuas name was and never will be Jesus, The messiahs name was never meant to be changed, think about it my brothers and sisters, this white jesus supposedly born on the pagan holiday Yule aka Christmas? No Yahushua was not born on decemeber 25th hes not white and his name is not jesus.

  4. Basically Kanye West Is basically leading the flock to the devil. Another curious thing that I got from this was also Kanye West as in West. Sun Devil Stadium bro, that's a reference right there in itself. I just thought about that. cuz John did say that the Beast will rise in the West Wow. Did I get that right? If I didn't Somebody please correct me.

  5. I believe Kenya west is being real either. But I don’t understand ur issue with Sunday worship. Worship on any day is fine. Sunday is just a word cuz u worship on Sunday doesn’t mean anything. Sunday might be the first day of the week but what if ppl work weekends and Friday is their 7th day is that wrong ? No it’s not. And the 7th day ppl your to rest on the sabbath day not get up and worship and if u work for the church then ur not taking a rest ur working aren’t u. And the calendars have messed Gods days up so much we have no idea what’s the actual sabbath day is. So u work 6 days and the 7th what ever that day may be and whatever that day is called your to rest relax. And the word Sunday is a English word in Austrian Sunday is called domingu which means of the Lord so ppl in Austria that go to church on the first day of the week are they evil ? It’s just word has no power. I like u but I believe if Jesus walk about with us today ppl like u he might treat like the Pharisees.

  6. People are always looking for something to follow. They are not rooted in God that is way they are easily deceived to follow Kanye a false prophet. He is leading people to hell because they are not woke to the things of God.

  7. Controversy7, why do you say we need to be saved, when according to you, no one goes to Hell? So what are we being saved from in your point of view? Your contradictory message makes no sense whatsoever. That's what happens when you embrace vehemently anti-biblical doctrines of demons such as Hell denial.

  8. Thecontroversy7: So all days of the year are somehow related to planets fallen angels and Demons etc. Real knowledge talk as always. So, our savior had said something like this: " the kingdom is in you and outside of you, & the Sabbath is in you and outside of you. It's not on a any given day. The children of the most high father are the Sabbath and apart of the kingdom. Paraphrasing Christ: "If you say the the kingdom is in the sky, then the birds precede you. If you say that the kingdom is in the ocean, the fish proceed you. If you say that the kingdom is here on earth, then the animals on earth precede you. One whom truly knows oneself, knows the father and has discovered the kingdom. You came from there and you shall return to it. Praise the Christ. Lets go!!!

  9. And the image being bowed down to and praying to isn't the holy and living God. and it is not JC. The truth is being twisted even in those who allege to be for God. SMH. And you my friend are one who is using scripture to mislead. Once again Moses gave the commandments. OMG.

  10. KANYE has a Chief Demon from HELL Operating thru Him! KIM His Wife Openly Practice Black Magic & Sorcery! He had No Fear of God & Will do Whatever to Please LUCIFER!

  11. If one lives on elm street they are evil and we should all rebuke them. Is that what I'm getting out of this. Why should i Believe what the CHURCH of satan says? If you're announcing Sunday are you too pagan . I Believe every day that exists belongs to the FATHER. You don't know if one will live to see the next so we should love and honor him less on one than another? Brother answer this for me. Colossians 2:16:So dont anyone condemn you for what you eat or drink or not celebrating certain holidays or new moon ceremonies or sabbath days. Are you above the words of Paul?

  12. We are living in the dispensation of Grace. God is covering us with plenty of Mercy & Grace for any mistakes we make. All we have to do is ask for forgiveness.

    Where in the Bible does it say people are going to hell because the Body of Christ worship Jesus on Saturday or Sunday? Everyday should be a day of worship in your home with your family, and once a week in unity with other believers. Believers worshiping on Sunday are no less blessed than those who worship on Saturday.

    Instead of being concerned about what day people worship, may sure you filled with the Holy Spirit. How can you talk about salvation without mentioning the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is the One that tells believers what is the truth.

  13. You are a 7 Days Adventist? right? Then read something about Ellen White and pray to God that he Opens your eyes she was in Contact with the Freemansons and the Adventists in conection with the Lion Club and other Freemanson Organisations. Read 3.Leviticus 25,5 in German it means Sabbatjahr translate in English it is a year of Sabbat and Roman 14, 5 and think about it. And Pray for Kanye West and pray for the People that find to Jesus because of him that God lead them the right way .

  14. “Therefore do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath day. These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ.”
    ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭2:16-17‬


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