Kat Kerr (May 09, 2022) PROPHETIC WORD: [BAD TIME FOR HELL] New Announcement From TRUMP



  1. Could someone please tell us when any prediction this lady has made, has come true? Anyone? Fair question, why should we believe any of her promises, get our hopes up again?

  2. I need a to ask you some questions on the picture behind you.I have a client that seen this you tube video and seen the angel wings and he is trying to duplicate it.He is disabled man form birth who has been an artist for yrs

  3. Listening to all these NAR prophets of fraud, I wonder why God doesn't care about the Christians in the rest of the world? God only gives "new revelation" for us Christians here in the USA. Nevermind our Christian brothers and sisters throughout the rest of the world who are actually suffering for their faith in Jesus. God only talks to us Christians here who are beginning to lose our freedom. The fact that Christians in North Korea, Iran or other Middle Eastern nations are really being persecuted seemingly doesn't matter to God. He's only concerned with us losing some political freedom. That doesn't seem right!

  4. Christians, don't be deceived! The USA is NOT our country. Jesus is very clear, His kingdom is not of this world, John 18:36. The Holy Spirit says through the Apostle Paul in Philippians 3:20 that our citizenship is in Heaven, from which we eagerly wait for a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ! And, in Hebrews 11, when God is giving us examples of faithful men and women to follow, He says of them that they were strangers and exiles on the earth, verse 13. They didn't consider their earthly nations some place to be returned to, verse 15. So, we don't need to fight for the USA! But rather, they sought a heavenly kingdom and that is what pleased God, verse 16. Christians, we don't need to be worrying about the future of the USA!

  5. I have a similar schedule, I want to be able to concentrate without interruptions. Also insomnia makes no choice in the matter. I'm your age. I love watching you and Steve talk about politics and heaven.

  6. She says "God said to me , "This day you ,have mastered commanding the host" and so now she's made the commander of the spirit force"? ….sending out not just 100,000,000 war angels of Archangel Michael but last night she sent out 50 billion all over the world to expose evil for the next 30 days?…and she tells them what to do..or, as she says on other interviews, they cannot do anything?…This is deranged twisting of scriptural understanding of God's sovereignty..And wow , does it ever feed the ego!..Please pray for this sister. This is very dangerous stuff. You may not like me saying this, but we need to consider this: Her doctrinal reasoning for these bizarre revelatory claims seems to go back to decades ago , hearing the teachings of the "word of faith" superstar Copeland as he emphasized again and again his view that "God can NOT do anything legally on Earth unless we as humans "give Him permission, due to the covenant..And his stressing that "we are made to be "exact duplicates of God Almighty, thus we speak things that are not as though they are and thereby WE (not God) SPEAK THEM INTO EXISTANCE". This is why he stared into the camera 2 years ago and blew at "Covid 19" and claimed to destroy it in Jesus name at that moment..yet it killed millions afterward ..And Kat stood with her staff on the Atlantic oceans beach and "destroyed Hurricanes Dorian, Irma,Laura, Ida…yet three of them grew even stronger afterwards, killing many people..tragic self-deception and delusion. Yet she announces that soon we'll learn to control all the weather, reverse in time travel the damage of major earthquakes, etc. And she emphatically claims Jesus can NOT come back for at east 100 years because the Father told her personally ..her alone…….. Something is deeply wrong here.

    Please pray for these people. Both Kat and Copeland have said biblical and edifying things before and been a blessing..But what they and dozens of others with even more influence now are adding in these "new revelations" is truly dangerous to little lambs who need desparately the " milk of the word" of grace and holiness …and the "meat of the Word" of the Cross and mercy for the lost!

    Again..please pray for Kat and for those who accept her every word as Gospel. (You may believe her when she claimed she saw on one of her trips to Heaven that someone handed Jesus some chocolate ice cream which He ate while He was walking up the steps to the throne and that there were cows wearing overalls driving trucks with six foot rabbits painting Easter eggs….yes, she literally claimed seeing that!…but I say, sadly, she is speaking out of her own confused imagination) These are exceedingly deceptive days..New Age error is insidiously trying to "imitate God's gift"..This is why we MUST apply God's discernment continually. God bless you.

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