Katy Perry is on vacation in Spain, but news from America is not good for the singer, as a jury found her liable of plagiarizing her hit “Dark Horse.” Christian hip-hop artist Marcus Gray, who goes by Flame, sued Perry for copyright infringement because he said the beat to “Dark Horse” sounded like his 2008 single “Joyful Noise.” The jury will decide what Perry and the other defendants must pay as damages for the copyright infringement. #InsideEdition



  1. If it's the best then wouldn't the producer be at fault ? "If" she wrote the song which I doubt, isn't she just a songwriter/singer. I doubt she even owns the song. Mann people can reach really far these days & get lucky enough to get a BIG pay day!

  2. The beat is the same the only difference is Katy's tempo is slow down a bit which is still considered infringement. Don't forget Katy's used to be a Christian artist so she might be aware of what's going on in that genre and jumped to a conclusion that nobody's knows about it cause it's not mainstream which is why she got out of it to do secular.

  3. to be honest for that beat i think the case should be turned off cause of that simple beat that anyone could produce there maybe even another person with that beat somewhere and not getting charged.


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