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In this episode of #WTSF, a fit guy does fit things, a man and a horse break into a house, and Katy Perry gets sued by a Christian rapper for stealing his song.

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  1. Oh my God is like COVID-19 foreshadowing!
    And yeah Tonjes~ism I totally concur there are alot ALOT Of people out there who have no fucking talent at all and that think that if they just steal your shit and try and pass it off as their own but nobody’s going to notice …
    But you gotta wonder why these fuckers just never seem to make anything else ever again? 🤨
    Thank you guys for doing what you do! I love you!! ❤️💕 😘

  2. Tori Amos said in an interview many years ago, a man tried to sue her. He said he wrote Cornflake girl. She said she hand wrote the lyrics in a journal, with dates. Bitches be crazy.

  3. Also, please watch for further clarification. This dude breaks down how the lawsuit LITERALLY states (clips shown) that this rapper guy is suing over the pagan imagery in her video not even the lyrics or music (bc he knows that's bs) and how some asshat college professor who claims to have never heard chord progressions like what's in these two songs (despite having written a paper on exactly that) was the prosecution musicology "expert" testimony at a trial by jury (DEMANDED to be by jury by the rapper guy bc he KNEW to the untrained ear of joe schmoe and jane doe a few big musical terms from someone affiliated with music in some way, shape, or form about a song they'd, as evidenced by replies right here even in this comment section, easily be convinced "sounds the same") as an underhanded tactic to get sympathy when really he's just mad he didn't get famous like Katy did.

  4. That lawsuit is trash, the jurors and judge are trash, the defense team's musicologist is FLAMING trash (4yrs to prep for trial bro…smh), and this decision needs to be immediately appealed and overturned. I'm not here for Katy's culturally appropriating ass song but I will say this random Christian rapper like….nobody outside the Christian rap community has ever heard of….who CANNOT prove that just bc Katy was in the Christian pop segment before going mainstream it means she knew specifically of this song coming for Katy 6yrs after Dark Horse was released is rediculous. He must not have won that award he was up for and feels like getting some of Katy's money will be good enough compensation. Then the fact the lawsuit includes EVERYONE who so much as breathed within a 6 state radius of the studio Dark Horse was being made in is even more stupid. Go on with your life already smh.

  5. The switched on pop podcast mentioned once that a lot of times in music court cases they don't allow the jury to listen to the music. Lije they send someone in to try and teach a bunch of people how to read music and then just go with it.. It was also 2am when I heard the podcast so if I'm wrong let me know. I'd love to learn if that's true.

  6. Things that are similar between the two songs: an EXTREMELY simplistic order of notes that aren’t the same
    Differences: the lyrics, the concept, the pre chorus (arguably the standout part of the song) and the visuals

  7. so they're saying, if i want to use a similar melody to another song i have to get permission??

    even though the instrumentals are completely different, the chord progression are completely different, and youre saying an artist can claim a chord?

    Hey! that is too similar too twinkle twinkle little star, ur getting SUED

  8. I don't get why there multiple people bring up the fact that Katy used to/ is Christian like that is the thing that we all don't see and is the clear evidence she "stole" an ostinato is absurd, nobody owns a Bb minor or whatever scale especially an 8 note pattern that isn't even the same, yeah it's similar but you can literally connect ANY piece if music and claim plagiarism, the concept of the video and the lyrics aren't the same. This is just a crooked Musicologist attempt to gain attention and money because he didn't realize majoring in Music doesn't guarantee a job especially if you have no talent 🙂

  9. what the fuck does any of this have to do with the Katy Perry thing? I clicked on this video because it came up in the google results, why would I want to watch 15 minutes of completely irrelevant information first?


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