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Worship in the moshpit
Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah
Ooh, ooh, yeah okay
Just singing my song
K to the second letter

Feel me, worship in a moshpit
If they want a star I am not it
KB for the Glory, not the optics
And once we get it started it’s going down regardless

I take it to the moshpit
Welcome to the moshpit
And on this side, yeah my clique slide and on this time
We worship in a moshpit
We gon hit the ground, going holy crown
We on holy ground going holy crown, we gon worship in the moshpit
Just singing my song, just singing my
Worship in the moshpit

Let me get it started
Wes gon take it beast mode
Quinten going Loch Ness
Papi got no caution
It hit different when it’s God sent
Worried about no opps in my comments
Y’all ain’t pressin KB less it’s cross fit
I like how the cloth fit
Native came and sauced it
I just went from dark to light
It’s looking like it’s Aunt Viv
Dancin like I’m Carlton
If I don’t fill bank with deposits, I got this
Cuz we’ll get it poppin
Rona couldn’t stop this
Rage against the nonsense
I just got the I just got the drive
Ryan Gosling
And I don’t need no reason
I’m Martin Luther Kingdom in these streets boy
You need this
Welcome to the moshpit

Welcome to the moshpit
On this side, my clique slide on this time
We worship in a moshpit
We gon hit the ground we going holy crown
We going holy crown, we gon worship in the moshpit
Singing my song, just singing my
Worship in the moshpit

HGA is simple bruh
Worship in my headspace, God is in my temple bruh
I don’t need a bigger name I just need a little love
Mice turn to men when they learn to Stuart Little bruh
Light steady kindled up
All my dogs they wanna kennel us
Tryna save a generation no Kylie Kendall bruh
Told us to shut up dribble but we authors you can’t Kendall us
Life behind these bars, I take you like a prison bus
Ok let’s go now
Ooh, ooh saints in the club now
Nobody got sauced
But we still shut the club down
Ain’t no diamonds issa tour
I just brought the bus down
It’s knuck if you buck meets the gospel
What’s sup now

Buck buck buck boy

Worship in the moshpit
If they want a star I am not it
KB for the Glory, not the optics
And once we get it started
Then it’s going down regardless
I take it to the moshpit
Welcome to the moshpit

Sometimes I get so tired
Just trying to stay alive

#KB #WorshipInTheMoshpit #HGA



  1. Worship in the moshpit, on Monday's, and wherever you find yourself. What else do we have and where else can we turn Father? Thank you for friends and family like KB who drop some sweet truth and beats that back it up!!

  2. God is one being 3 distinct persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Each person is fully God, all co eternal and co equal. The Father is not the Son and the Son is not the Holy Spirit. They are distinct.

    Jesus is the second person of the Godhead the Son of God. The Father sent the Son ( Jesus ) to be born by the power of the Holy Spirit through a virgin named Mary. He was miraculously born. He is one person with 2 natures. Fully God and fully man. Jesus submitted himself to the Father in his humanity and lived a perfect life he was obedient until death on a cross. This is the legal implications of the cross, the 10 commandments is God's moral law and Gods standard is moral perfection. Here is some of them: You shall not lie, You shall not steal, You shall not commit adultery ( Jesus said whoever looks at a woman to lust has committed adultery with her in his heart, the same goes for a woman lusting after a man, And you shall not murder ( whoever is angry with someone is a murderer at heart), You shall have no gods before me ( This is to make up a God to suit yourself ) Do not take the name of the Lord Your God in vain ( Things like saying OMG and using God's name as meaningless or replacing a four letter filth word with God's name or Jesus Christ. To violate just one commandment is to be guilty of breaking the whole law. The wages of sin is death and punishment in hell which is God's prison. The punishment is eternal because God is eternal, We broke God's law and Jesus paid our fine. If you are in court and have a stack of speeding tickets and somebody pays your fine the Judge can let you go free even though you are guilty. That is what Jesus did for us on the cross. He gave his life so that sinners maybe reconciled to God and be free of the coming Judgment. He paid our wages our fine. It is appointed once to die and after this comes the Judgment. That is why Jesus last words on the cross was IT IS FINISHED! He finished paying the debt. He was buried and rose from the grave on the 3rd day defeating death proving he was who he claimed to be. God is so good he must punish sin, we will have to pay for our own sin if we reject the only person who took God's wrath for sin. There is no other name under heaven in which we might be saved. In order to be saved from God's wrath we need to repent ( turn from sin) and trust in Jesus alone not our own goodness. We can not be good because we have already broken God's law that requires perfect obedience. Jesus kept the law for us, when we repent and trust in him. His perfect life gets credited to our account, so when God the Father looks at us he sees you as perfect and righteous. (Please consider this)
    Suppose a murder rapes a woman and slits her throat but stands before the judge and says I help older women cross the street and give to the poor, a just Judge would say I am not judging based on the works you perform but judging you based on the crimes that you have committed. In the same way good works can not save us. God is rich in mercy for all who call upon him. Turn from your sin and trust in Jesus Christ alone and you will inherit the Kingdom of God and live forever

  3. I was listening to this and it was so lit that my speaker caught on fire and my house burned down. When I recovered I listened to the song again on my new headphones the bass hit so hard that now I am deaf Please pray for me.

  4. Sooo sick KB 🔥🔥🔥🔥 keep it coming!!!!!
    Make 2022 your best year yet 🎶🎶 the glory is yours Jesus ❤️
    We are the generation promised to Abraham – called and set apart. As numerous as the Stars! We are still here Lord! 🌏 until you come for us or we go to You, we will praise you 🎶🎶

  5. I saw KB at Winter Jam and he was awesome. My favorite artist ever he's such a blessing to us all. I share some of his videos to the Christian Hiphop and Rap Playlist on my channel. Jesus is coming soon family. Love you all.

  6. Reading lyrics.. I don't know the total bUT I'm 54 a white lady that loves your hits.. I see this awesome movement if truth. Those of us in Christ..Have watched some real unbelievable shows.. And Christian people we thought maybe our leaders long ago..Really hurt and surprise us.. I am not black or African American.. BUT I know you have been MoRE than hurt..Im learning day by day.. I'm thinking of all these good ole day stories from the 50's and 60's … Many may have been ok..EXCept they ignored ? Or IDK..I really do ask and there are no excuses…like that is the way it was…THe Emitte Tille story I read and almost puked. That goes in one of this girls worse thing I've ever heard.. 1955…NOT on Andy Griffith??;!
    Love the way you are still going.Those that know the truth.. I fill we need to here truth..THE Generation to save..line!! I feel it so much.. God has put it on my heart.. Sick and tired of the trying to solve the right and left bs.. Just pray..they either get it or not..WE have a whole lost world that does want to know..


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