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  1. This was good but there's more Yahoshuah Ha'mashiach (Jesus the Christ) was not born on December 25th my dear. His Birth is celebrated in our hearts when we first receive Him and LORD and Savior. The four gospels tell us the story. Dig deeper and you will find that there was a Particular celebration going on at that time why there was no room in the Inn. Feast of Tabernacles. That means something! ❤

  2. Materialism is Satan's claws. Lots of things have been hitting me lately. After this came to me I saw a woman wearing a t shirt that said Santa Claws. I did feel like the vaccine is the abomination of desolation and Apollyon is on the war path.

  3. I was reborn in Christ several years ago .. it has been an incredible journey. This year I finally realized that Jesus is a lot more important then my children’s belief in Santa clause. I told them Santa isn’t real and explained some more detail… my son is the one who pointed out “satan claws”. My children will have the eyes to see…

  4. I prayed for forgiveness in my ignorance, then prayed for The Most High to help me with my family. The Lord said, their spirits will catch it.
    I told my kids, momma found out that Christmas is not of God. It’s not something He wants us to do. We will not be doing it this year. We haven’t since. Flesh steps in once in a while, but 5 yrs later, my youngest even tells her teacher, we don’t do Christmas, we do Jesus!

  5. I heard that it is believed that our Messiah's birth was actually 9/11… I think that's why they (The Elite) chose 9/11/01 to sacrifice all those precious lives to Satan!! That day will be ingrained in the hearts and minds of many for years to come!! If the Lord tarries!! God bless and much love to all!!! 💜💓💗💕💞💖💚😢😢😢😢

  6. holy fucking shit are you people mad? this is why I never ever go to church they brain wash you into thinking crazy shit like this. My friend who goes to church doesn't believe in dinosaurs because church told them so.. I would rather have christmas be about family and enjoyment than forever try and say that santa is satan and we should all praise our lord and if were bad we go to hell and blah blah blah, I think we should live life trying to be happy and be with the people you love and when you die you live with those loved ones and feel eternal happiness.

    Dont even post a comment trying to argue with me because I will ignore them all.

  7. I'VE SAID IT BEFORE AND I WILL SAY IT AGAIN:::::THE REAL SOURCE OF THE SANTA CLAUSE MYTH ===The source is an ancient one. A story told thousands of years ago and mistranslated into today's false myth. The real story has to do with a massive environmental disaster that nearly destroyed all life on this planet and others. Santa Clause was supposed to be interpreted as SATANS CLAWS. Satan to the ancients is a term that represented an ELECTROMAGNETIC SERPENT ARC THAT PERIODICALLY EXITED THE NORTH POLE. This electrical arc is essentially the aurora borealis but with a magnitude and intensity thousands of times as powerful as the one we see today. This electrical arc called "satan" by the ancients would exit the North Pole each year and send massive electrical arcs down to the surface of the earth aka Santa's Presence, not presents as we are taught today. It was like a massive serpent with electrical arcs aka claws that hit the ground with such intensity they would carve up the earth surface creating massive craters, valleys and canyons. These arcs were termed CLAWS by the ancients. The serpents claws or Satans claws is what they were called by the ancients. Temples, towers, mounds and pyramids of rock were often constructed to divert the claws or electrical arcs to the ground before they could damage dwellings and crops of cultures across the world. You may find this hard to believe, but todays Sky Scrapers are actually being built (knowingly by some, unknowingly by most) as a precaution in case this massive electrical event occurs again. The Mayan Calender was an attempt to determine the timing of this event and when it would occur again. The CROSS in religion represents the crossing point where this solar system hits and crosses an electromagnetic field of such intensity it causes the release of this electromagnetic " dragon" from it cave or mountain aka the North Pole. The elite that know this occult information fear global warming due to the melting of the polar ice caps. Once they melt, the entrance or exit to the plasma arc will be open again. Once the melt is significant enough, a flood of electromagnetic plasma and it's electrical arcs will flood this planet and do what it once did thousands of years ago. It will be so intense it will carve massive valleys and canyons across the earth and will create massive craters across the surface of this planet and others. The power will be so great the arcs will reach the moon and create new craters. Craters of which were caused by the last electrical event, not by meteors and asteroids. If you are familiar with recent archeology, massive underground cities have been discovered in which hundreds of thousands of people and their live stock lived in them. Many lived in caves and cities carved into steep rock walls to guard against this "serpent satan" aka electromagnetic arcs aka the Claws of Satan, now termed Santa Clause. The elite will use this event to rule the world once again, by feeding the masses lies about the nature of stars and planets and this periodic electrical flood. It wont be satan or god knocking at our doors, it will be a simple but severe and dangerous periodic natural phenomena that has affected this universe and our solar system since eternity. The ancient evidence surrounds us, if you would just look. Perhaps, if the human race becomes technologically advanced enough it may be able to limit or even divert the event entirely.

  8. and blessed to have finally come across a human (N68) that can put it all together, so that I can see the bigger picture.. thx for all your hard work in creating these inspiring and amazing videos Nicholson

  9. A modern profitt

    Who feeds us Truth

    In a way
    Ppl from our time
    Can digest

    The words
    Of God
    Truth for those who seek it

    Plz research
    The lunar sabbath
    Its real
    Show the ppl
    The full
    The only one who can now.
    I trust YOU.
    The Lords word is perfect
    Jesus died For us.

    White dove

  10. Very clear and informative, as in the Bible, Christmas is a lie! It's Jeremiah 10:3-4 that really brings it home for me, it clearly describes a christmas tree, I think that is truly amazing and prophetic! Glory to Our Father, He makes it abundantly clear in His Word that christmas has nothing to do with Him or His Son Yeshuah.

  11. Amen to that brother,  the Lord showed me this fact and the satan claws part shortly after I was born again and then 3 days later filled by His Holy Spirit.  The easter bunny too which promosts a fertility ritual for kids by gathering eggs on easter.  WTH!!!!!   I tell my kids there is NO santa that its just a story like anything you see on TV. 

  12. I love how the Holy Spirit revealed this truth to you which was shared to reveal it to us. Praise the Lord on High for being faithful and true. It makes sense in the title of this clip. "Keep Santa Claus(Satan's Claws – False Idol, A Lie – Deceiving the Heart and Mind) Out of the Temple (The Human Body – Which houses the Heart and Mind and Spirit) of God!!!!!!!!

  13. My family has never celebrated Christmas or Easter and it never bothered me at all. Its just a wicked pagan custom that's been turned into a major money suck. That's why TV and shopping centres push it so much.


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