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  1. he peace sign is actually a santanic symbol if you didn't Kno. It's a broken cross hanging upside down. Do your studying people. They mislead ppl. the Illuminati and Freemasons definitely know that. This vedio could represent a start of martial law. Kardashian's are all santanic worshippers. aka live for now? Like seriously? I can c how it all connects to the black lives matter movement. Ppl open your eyes. I need some feed back about this I Kno I'm not the onlyone that know. These ppl need to be exposed

  2. Satan is the petty god of the air sooo yea he owns youtube, google anything on the net but Elohim still lets the truth come out, youtube is an enemy. try not to have your income based on youtube its not a good thing

  3. I will stop and correct you because your statements about the interview process is 100% false. I am a Christian, born and raised as a Christian. I am also currently working for Pepsi for a total of 14 years with the company. Now 1 of the things for sure they will not ask any questions regarding the LBGT community at any time during the their interview process. However, during the annual city Pride parades, Pepsi does show support to their community. All their questions are straight forward like every other corporate business where the ask things like "why did you choose to seek employment at Pepsi", "what makes you the ideal candidate to hire". I'll admit they are not the most desirable company to work for, and their business ethics is very questionable, but definitely that one statement you made in regards to their interview process is 100% false.

  4. Hey, there may be value in what you are doing but I would offer a bit of friendly push back. I notice that so many of the channels with similar content seem to be more focused a bit too much on demons, yet you say that the focus is "getting the truth out". Again not that what you are doing is bad necessarily but focusing on "truth" is something completely different. I feel at times that content like this is beginning to have this " Scooby-doo cartoon" effect, where there is this fixation on the boogie man so to speak. I would really like to hear your feedback.

  5. I have really bad acid reflux so I stopped drinking soda in 2009 bc it would make me throw up all the time , now that I'm soda free and I haven't been throwing up nearly as much. No other food or drink makes me as sick as soda did . Your body tells you a lot when you pay attention .

  6. I could have sworn this commercial came out decades ago, didn't the original commercial air a long time ago? It bombed back then so why did they make another identical crappy pepsi commercial, when the first one was so awful. really?????

  7. Correct! The flower children movement was all about influencing others to take drugs. The peace sign they adopted was originally used for witchcraft. It's an upside down cross with its arms broken. The Beatles were luciferians. And our government are the ones that provided the drugs and they got billions hooked on them. What a corrupt world we live in.

  8. Been boycotting Pepsi for years. I found out years ago that they were experimenting with aborted babies as flavor enhancers.

    The only thing I haven't done is to get a list of their other products.

    Most major American Corporations are evil, corrupt and interwoven, we would be hardpressed to find a decent company.

    We obviously can't boycott them all, but we can at least boycott the ones that are blatant, and/or those that Holy Spirit is convicting us to not trade with. For me, it's Target, Home Depot, Starbucks, Panera Bread, PepsiCo, Susan G. Komen, Girl Scouts, American Heritage Dolls, and a few others.

  9. FREE SPEECH is dead for followers of our Lord Jesus Christ! It's not surprising though, as Christ said we will be persecuted and hated among others if we choose to follow him. We need to stay strong and not back down against the evil doers of the world. May the Lord continue to give you strength and wisdom to continue to speak against evil.

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