Filmed/Edited by Lowlight Filmz. Song is coming off of upcoming solo album entitled Open Epistle.



  1. This song is my favorite That’s right God gives me strength Amen all glory to our father I’m a addict now clean was a dope Phien was in prison was everything but I’m a soldier for Christ Amen beating that lying devil down Amen

  2. I love all your music, this song hit me different tho, being a recovering herion and meth addict I've weather many storms and everyone my Jesus was there to pull me thru and I'm so thankful. It's artists like u that speak to us because your real about it. I have my marriage back I have my daughter an out relationship is great we jam to faith and love all the time she loves it. She's 7 and loves to sing. Thank you bryann

  3. Thank you lord I am now going on 6 months clean….I never have put this much in anything but getting high and this time around I'm putting my trust in God and my faith as well … thank you Jesus for all your grace and forgiveness Amen!!!

  4. Love it brother this is a good song I relate lost my family against the evil principalities, wife cheated 4th time took my kids I was faithful 18yrs, as soon as God came in our lives the devil took and divides us now it's just me and my daughter my son with her ,,,, and I'm honor like I always say to be going through these trial and tribulations and prosecutions on order to be a. Hold of God's… awesome

  5. This song always makes me think like what I'm doin with my life ..I was 17 when I started getting high n get drunk almost everytime n now I'm 26 n till now I'm struggling with my addiction …the main thing is I'm from a strongly religious mom use to go church almost eryday n she pray every night for us ..all I want to say is Jesus is the main thing I'm still alive ..Jesus is the king of king ❤️❤️ my life without Jesus is like an abandoned house with no families no love no anything

  6. Kingdom muzic has gotten me through so many tough times when i seem to forget the power of God in my life! The Holy spirit has changed my heart in so many ways. Its not a fight against flesh and blood but principalities and spirits of the air. This ministry is powerful.

  7. My name is Joseph Dias my heart is open to receive his honor and the most exhausted to work in me and my family.i pray to god to protect my wife Cynthia Sierra And Sierra

  8. I've been listening to Kingdom Music for about 2 1/2 years I don't even know how I found them. All I know is that they have been a blessing in my life. My 3 ur old granddaughter was diagnosed with a Wilms tumor back in September2021. In January of 2022. They had to life flight her to Iowa City IA They said she was minutes from dying All I could do was pray and thank God for already saving her. My granddaughter Milovve loves to hear your song Child like Faith. And because GOD is good. She will ring Cancer free bell real soon AMEN

  9. I am battling stage 3 colon cancer and I had surgery 3 weeks ago and they took half my colon. I start chemo in a week and I go through 6 months of it. Please keep me in your prayers and I love y'all !!!

  10. Kingdom music made understand that the world isn't easy! But no matter what God still right beside you… I wanted to give up but thanks to this music my love and the light I have for God became more brighter ✨️

  11. Bye-bye love you because you’re a great Christian man you’re the one that put this till Kristen you’re gonna make the deal. It’s only going to be beloved the boys gonna be a Christian again

  12. Hi I'm Maya I have a bad school day but when l eat every night l pray. my dad teach how to pray. Now I kinda do good and I got 200 on my state test I'm so happy. That why you ask God for


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