ISBN 978-1-4143-8058-2
KJV Chronological Life Application Study Bible by Tyndale.
The popular Chronological Life Application Study Bible, now available in the King James Version.
The Bible is the story of God’s interaction with his creation. It is a story that occurs over time, in many places, and through many events. It’s often easy to lose sight of the way in which God’s story fits together when our primary way of looking at the Bible is a bit here and a bit there.
The four-color Chronological Life Application Study Bible combines the proven resources of the Life Application Study Bible with a chronological format and several brand-new resources. The Bible is arranged in 10 chronological sections, which helps the reader to see how the various pieces of the Bible fit together. Section intros and timelines set the stage for the passages in each section. Archaeological notes and photographs help to bring God’s story to life in a whole new way. And of course, the Life Application resources answer the all-important question—“so what?”

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  1. Wow! You just presented a perfect walk-through of this Bible. It really makes me want to buy one. This book is full of excitement to read! People behind it really put their hearts, minds, spirits, passion, dedication, determination, optimism, commitment, and teamwork as if they were moved by the Holy Spirit.

  2. My favorite Bible right now! Makes everything so clear. Though I wish it had some deeper gospel- centered commentary at times. It can be a little too basic/vague in its application. But along with a second more doctrine focused Study Bible
    I’ve been able to fill in the gaps nicely!

  3. Just ordered this… I like how it has all of the extra archeological and historic data, not really interested in the Christian dogma, so much as the historic aspect of Christianity, so I'm really looking forward to this…

  4. @biblebelievingchristian I am really interested in this one. I went ahead and got the NLT Illustrated Study Bible ( even though glued binding ). It started falling apart ,but you were correct in that it is still awesome. What I am wondering is…do you think because this glued as well…that possible pages will come out like the NLT Illus.S.B ? And if so would you still think it is worth it? I know I do not regret the purchase for the NLT Illus. S.B because so good…just hoping this is the same level of awesome lol so to speak. So you would recommend even though glued?

  5. Is this one newer than the KJV Study Bible by Holman? I’m wondering if they were competing with them by also offering a full-color version for their customer base. Moreover, I’ve always suspected that Holman copied many of the LAB features (e.g., timelines in each chapter), but offered a colorized edition.

  6. This looks like an amazing Bible! I love how newer Bibles are adding so much color inside! I wish there was this kind of variety when I was younger because it was so hard for me to read and enjoy God's Word when it was all black and white, but I'm so glad these types of Bibles are created now! The timeline at the top is so so cool and really helps put things into perspective. Thank you for your amazing reviews as always! 💖💖

  7. I bought the NLT version of this Bible today after watching your review. Thank you for sharing! I got it in a small family owned Christian bookstore for $38. I’m willing to pay a little more to support them.

  8. I know it's a bit off topic but I just wanted to tell you I got my hands on a first century study Bible. I don't know if you have it, but I think you would love it as much I do. I'm missing the ribbon, but you know how it is with hardcovers…
    Blessings from Spain as always!💕

  9. Do they have this as a NASB? I’m looking for a really good bible in that translation. So far I have the Illustrated Study Bible the Prayer Bible and the CSB Study Bible for Women. Any suggestions you’ve sold me on the ones I have so far 😆☺️❤️

  10. This is incredible! Almost has a magazine feel to it. So glad to see more Bibles like this being made. Never had this growing up. I would have been more engaged to have a Bible like this as a kid. Thanks for this review!

  11. Really looking forward to getting this Bible, I'm concerned about the glue binding, it kept me from buying the illustrated edition, but I've always loved the LA Bibles so I will just have to be extra careful.

    BTW, Amazon lists the font as a 9 I believe, I looked up the isbn you provided.

  12. nice bible, not sure I could read the bible this way, I like to read one book of the bible at a time, but its a good idea if you want to really time frame of what happened and when, thanks for sharing

  13. Very nice Bible and you know I've got this open Bible that is glued if you take care of it and not be too rough on it it'll last especially if you use this Bible for study purposes only what a great price great review is always Lord bless you

  14. I have this one in the brown/teal leather touch. It is very nice and the colors are great. I like the parallel passages, time lines, photos and charts. Mine is also glued and not sewn. Thanks for the nice review as always.


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