ISBN 978-0-88707-345-8
KJV Large Print Thompson Chain Reference Bible by Kirkbride.
For years the unique Thompson Chain-Reference system has been a favorite study tool, and for good reason. Easy to learn and use, the Thompson Chain-Reference system contains over 100,000 topical references in over 8,000 chain topics, helping to make in-depth topical study and lesson preparation easier and more efficient. The Thompson Chain is also known for its excellent archaeological supplement and extensive collection of charts, diagrams, and other illustrations. Other features include a revised concordance, 16 pages of full-color maps, words of Christ in red, and Smythe Sewn reinforced tubular construction, which lies flat and provides a durable binding that will hold up to heavy use for years.

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  1. I just spoke with someone from Kirkbride – very nice lady! She told me the Leather standard KJV should be out before the end of this year. The new ESVs should be out the first of next year. The new 2020 NASBs will be at least a year (which I assume is because they are waiting on the updated translation). 🙂

  2. In high school, there was this bible and I wanted to get it. What beautiful afternoons spent with her, reading in the school library ! Now I want and I can to invest in a study bible and I hesitated between it and the MACARTHUR (after pastors'advice) but I prefer to just let the Bible speak. Thank for the video

  3. I’ve always wanted a TCR Bible, but I’m going to check out CBP first, before I buy from Really enjoyed this review. I wasn’t sure if I would understand how to use the Bible, but I’m sure it will be helpful. Thanks for all the informative content.

  4. Do you know the gsm of the paper? One YouTuber said Thompson Chain Reference bibles have a gsm of 20 to be able to fit all their content in their bibles. Is that true?

  5. Haha I have this bible.. I just wanted to see your review and I was able to turn the page with you and all… and you almost sold me into buying another one in case something should happen to mine!! Good job!

  6. I got a “large print” TCR Bible, also the 21stprinting from January 2018 of the “Fifth Improved Edition”.  I got mine from Church Bible Publishers so the ironed calfskin cover and binding are excellent. The Kirkbride text block (it says printed in the USA) is good too except for a very minor flaw on one page that must have occurred during printing. The red letter seems more washed out than irritating to the eyes (my opinion) but the obvious solution is just do black letter text. Like others, I wish Kirkbridge would get Jongbloed do print and bind a TCR. Maybe they could update the photos and illustrations too.

  7. I just got one of these today! It's not the large print, though, but is KJV. Have barely opened it. Used to have one just like it, but it disappeared out of my house! I missed it very much, and because I have the Strong's Concordance (the huge one) to go with it. I'm good to go again. This is a very good review.

  8. gilding or gilt can only ever be gold by definition. applying silver or some other colour isn't gilding, its just edging. similarly i cant stand it when someone describes a bible as having "art gilding", the marketing team really got people good with that one. a simple block of one single uniform colour underneath the (possibly actual) gilding isnt "art" by any stretch of the imagination, i wish these companies would stop lying. the honest term for it should be "under-gilt block tinting" or something but obviously that makes them less $$$.

  9. I love love love mine! Especially the fact that scripture explains scripture without having to look at a commentary or study Bible most of the times. And has a huge and I mean huge amount of information too. At first I thought I made a mistake getting it because I didn’t fully understand the system and I was overwhelmed, but now I think I made a good investment. Did I mention I loooove it? Great review as always!
    Blessings from my side of the ocean!💕


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