The KJV Classic Study Bible (With C.I. Scofield Notes) is a reprint of the 1917 Scofield Study Bible. This Bible is available from several publishers with several cover options. This new 2022 edition from The KJV Store was made in the Netherlands by Royal Jongbloed.

Written review


@The KJV Storeprovided this Bible in exchange for an honest review.



  1. I ordered two of these bibles back in May 3 of last year, and because of the pandemic getting it was an issue. I finally received it January 25, 2022. I had the option of getting my money back and waiting till they were back in stock, but opted to wait. Glad I did, very nice Bible! Good quality and very well put together. My only disappointment is the font. Would have preferred larger, as my eyesight isn't as good as it use to be. Other than that I'm very pleased with it! Thank you KJV Store!

  2. Print too small for me. I need 11 to 12 point font. I use a lap tray to put my Bible on so a larger size book isn't an issue for me. If they would have made the paper larger, keeping the cover the same size, it would be great for me. I'm not a fan of large yapps anyway, so make it large print, please. 🙂

  3. I have a 1967 Oxford Morocco leather Scofield that I adore, but I loathe the self pronouncing text. This here is beautiful 😍

    I can't get past the KJV logo on the spine, tho … sighhh 😫

  4. I don't agree with some of Scofield's notes or his theology, but in my own opinion, for me, the way the careful, logical, efficient layout, chronological year, center col references, and typeface, etc. is done in the 1917 Scofield Study Bible layout, has yet to be surpassed. Other bibles would do well to emulate it.


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