Did Tidal take PPP Loans? Kylie Jenner doesn’t tag Black designer. 50 Cent responds to being called out. Kodak Black has an apology for someone who isn’t here. Let’s chat.

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  1. it's hard to feel bad for these black designers when they keep sending their stuff to these lying, stealing ass women. like of course if kylie made her own purchase, fine, yeah i she should have tagged them. but why do these black designers keep crawling to that family asking for recognition?

  2. I'm not a Kodak apologist AT ALL, but for the sake of accuracy he apologized to Lauren London last year after the incident. I agree though that there is no need to apologize to Nipsey at all and that doing so is disgusting.

  3. JayZ and Beyonce are DEFINITELY worth a billion. This is about ASSETS, not what is in their bank account. Two different things, and when you HAVE A COINT, you would understand

  4. Oh also just to give you a heads up speaking to California did you know that they just passed the Karen Act aka the Karen law people who call on minorities when it's a non emergency yes it is actually called the Karen act if I'm not mistaken it's San Francisco that passed it I don't know why it's not in the rest of the country but San Francisco did just pass this law

  5. Kylie was deleting the comments of people who tagged the designer under the post that's shady. Kim also got caught stealing the picture of Stay Golden Cosmetics (a Black woman owned makeup company) trying to pass their lipstick photo as her own.

  6. I don't always watch your videos, so I didn't know that you weren't a Nipsey fan. You don't have to be a fan, juss have respect for one. I'm no fan of Beyonce however, I do respect her. I don't listen to her music either. She doesn't have anything that I like.
    I met Nipsey and his brother Sam when they had just got the key to Marathon Clothing Store. Nipsey was only 18. I have watched that young man grow, purchase property and employed so many people in that neighborhood way more than any other races with a business in that area. Koreans only employ Koreans or they will employ Mexicans. Mexicans only employ the Mexicans! Nipsey employed Blacks more but he did employ everyone. This young man has so many people who were unnecessarily jealous of him. Nipsey was a type of person who would tell you not to be jealous, but get your hustle on, you too can have this!
    He would help you. He wasn't a hater, he loved. He was wise before his time. He carried a Ton of wisdom which I will miss hearing.
    So don't hate on my friend.

    I will unfollow you now and I won't click on your videos anymore.

  7. Christian may not want to press charges but ” it's above him now.” They need a separate group that handles these ”Caren” type issues. A council that consists of a black panel. Why do black ppl love to uphold this turn the cheek Christian values but the very same ppl that forced it upon blacks don't- gelatine 😤!

  8. I believe we do need prisons, we cannot axed those!! They're some evil ppl out there, just watch the ID channel or work in a hospital (inmates do go to the hospital). I believe certain ppl like drug dealers are locked up for long periods of time bc that's the go to occupation for black ppl in rough neighborhoods that can't find they're way out. I think prisons should have some type of rehabilitation for life outside. Many European countries have these, that's why they have less reappear repeat offenders. In essence drug dealers are running a "business" if they can use that business sense in a legitimate way, their future would be brighter.

  9. They ARE not BILLIONAIRES that's what the industry CULTURE depicts to keep up the following. Its bull💩 & 2020 is making sure our VISION is not FOGGY

  10. As far as that Karen situation, I would practice the LAW OF ALLOWANCE, allow her ass to feel what its like to FEEL the CONSEQUENCES for HER RACE & consequences like we do for our RACE.

  11. Human nature to be evil or do bad can’t be eradicated. We can’t control anyone so there must be some form of authority that we all agree to respect in place to hold people accountable.

  12. I agree with you about Beyoncé and Jay not being a billionaire. A lot of times we get net worth and liquid funds confused. They may own a billion worth of assets but they might only have access to 100 million.

  13. Christian Cooper is worried abt the white woman why not help thousands of black people in the future from this crime occurring to them someone has to be the example

  14. So that's what he gets for the location of tidal, ensuring that he employs only euros and not the people he displaced with the stadium(barclays) and or the mercy project people he poisoned slinging cocaine

  15. She didn't tag the designer because she probably had plans to copy the designs and sell under her label. Isn't this the Kar-Jenner typical business strategy? SMH I don't know why so many black people still support them.


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