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Learn more about Islam: Christian Prince Debates: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZ1DI2gdGeiPbKHpFIsXwLjWXTKWtDKsi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Christian Prince is a respectable Islamic Scholar who is well-known for presenting the truth to millions of Muslims and Christians around the world. He is a native Arabic speaker who earned a degree in Islamic Law (Sharia Law) and Civil Law. He is also the author of “Qur’an And Science in Depth” and if you speak French, “Les Secrets du Prophète Arabe” and many others. He has an endless history of debating Muslims, with thousands of videos available online enriching them with valuable free education. His target is to unite the force of love between the people, regardless of their religion. He is trying to reach out to Muslims for better understanding in order to fight together against hate or violence which is generated by the wrong interpretation of religion and Scriptures. Ignorance is the major enemy of mankind, which create division and violence. He is hoping to explain to Muslims that Christians or non-believers should not be considered as an enemy, but they can be friends and live in peace together by rejecting any hateful teachings and accepting Jesus Christ.
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  1. Whatever …Islam is a pagan tradition …pagan worship…worshiping a stone having in mecca …..he is not true ..muhamed fooled people ..qureshis also understood that era…Jesus Christ is only God of peace…only Jesus can stop killing and make peace …believe in Jesus ..and repent

  2. Islam is a very EVIL CULT.
    More and more people see that this is the TRUTH .
    Many muslims are leaving this evil cult islam , even like an AVALANCHE and a TSUNAMI ( according to sheikh Bilal Philips . Google him ) !

  3. Poor Abdool, don't know their own religion, agree !!klik thank you Christian Prince for the knowledge you have, learn a lot from you, thank you, God bless you always Amen yes Amen,

  4. Hi CP nice to see your face for the first time . Thank u for teaching us so much about Islam what a violent religion .N Exposing The lies deception of the Koran . Mumhammed is Allah n Allah is Mumhammed .

  5. You know something bro. Christian Prince, God’s works are mysterious in deed. They did not rob Hagia Sophia from Christians, they knowingly robbed the Church. By doing that they brought Muslims to the feet of Christ. Each Muslim who enters HS, they are bowing before Christ TheOnly True God, The creator, The Merciful, The Compassionate, who came down from Heaven to save this filthy ideology and believe they have. I thank God Lord Jesus Christ for allowing this to happen so they could bow Before Him, every time they the so call Muslims enter that Great church. Go and humble your self’s before Christ for your salvation and seat to Paradise, fellas. .

  6. Is lam allows sins like suicide bomber paedophiliaa 4 wives child marriage lying killing innocent infidels etc and is Evil. The Holy profit has broken all the Ten commandments and is abomination. The book of Hate Kooran is responsible for the death of millions of Jews and Christians through history
    May the Lord take revenge on the cult and curse of Shaaria and protect His people

  7. Salam brothers and sisters of Islam don’t ever debate or call devil prince and his gang because they are anti Islam and they are trying to mislead the Muslims.They stay behind the computer and control the debate with the help of their own gang.Please not give them a chance.The devil is always watching you .Only Almighty Allah can save the Muslims.

  8. There is nothing light to guide or find a piece full path for the mordent world in Islam. The philosophy can give birth to fundamentalist and terrorist people like Bokeharam, gihadist, Taliban, ISl so and so forth. Do you feel shame of saying that there is piece and humanity in Islam.

  9. Yes exactly muhammed fake prophet was first Isis terrorist Muhammad false prophet was the founder of Isis terrorist Muhammad false prophet formed Isis terrorist and he was a leader of a gang group


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