L.A. Mass Choir – Only What You Do For Christ Will Last
Recorded Live: 5/25/1989 – Berkeley Community Theatre – Berkeley, CA
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The Glide Ensemble and The Change Band (100+ member choir & musicians)

Featured vocalists: Reverend Cecil Williams & Leona Jiles

Built in 1922, Glide Memorial United Methodist Church, located in San Francisco, has developed one of the most renowned gospel choirs in America. An integral facet of Sunday services since 1969, the Glide Ensemble maintains nearly 100 members. Backed by congregational musicians known as The Change Band, Glide Ensemble’s weekly celebrations have long been a cultural staple of the Bay Area.

In May of 1989, Bill Graham presented In Concert Against AIDS: An Evening of Gospel Music, which featured performances by Glide Ensemble at the intimate Berkeley Community Theater. That uplifting set, presented here in its entirety, features outstanding examples of the massive Glide Ensemble in action with featured vocalists Reverend Cecil Williams and Leona Jiles leading the charge.




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