1. I share the same thoughts as you.  We are right before the opening of the sixth seal.  I just want to add that the passage "and every mountain and island were moved out of their places."  In my opinion, I think this means a pole shift, because I cannot think of any other event that could cause this. Your thoughts…

  2. my lord gave a dream about the rapture and a meteor when the meteor or astroid. comes at the same time we will be raptured if like i was there and before that happen i saw a cloud coming with glory in the sky and i knew wat was happing there is no date in dream i had ill tell u this sister is almost time hes at the door i give my blood and soul to u my lord love u jesus when this happens pplz will be confused. god bless thoes that belive in god and does that are in need of him and lets all pray for israel god bless only thoes who understand and see and read the scriptures would live threw this wraith GOD JESUS OPEN THE EYES OF THE BLIND LET THEM SEE WHO U ARE AND WHAT U MADE OFF GOD BLESS U ALL TOO


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