Hank has long maintained that how you view your origins will ultimately determine how you live your life. Likewise, the prevailing cultural acceptance of the Darwinian paradigm has led to a culture in decline. But for those skeptical of the worldviews and arguments of scientific materialists, there is good news. The Darwinian paradigm finds itself in a desperate condition thanks in large part to the Intelligent Design movement leaders such as Dr. Stephen C. Meyer. Dr. Meyer is currently the director of the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture, in addition to authoring the New York Times best seller Darwin’s Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design as well as Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design, which was named a Book of the Year by The Times (of London) Literary Supplement in 2009.

Topics discussed include: why the Intelligent Design (ID) movement isn’t a “science stopper” but a science generator (6:00); the exciting state of the Intelligent Design movement today as many scientists, such as distinguished paleontologist Günter Bechly who is now a Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute, are growing increasingly skeptical of Darwinism (8:35); the overwhelming impact that Darwin’s On the Origin of Species and evolution have had in shaping worldviews such as scientific materialism and how new discoveries are pointing back to a theistic explanation of origins in what Meyer calls “the return of the God hypothesis” (12:10); how secular assumptions limit academic freedom in the sciences and the effect that limits on discourse has on scientists and scientific discovery (15:35); the deep prejudice of Wikipedia toward Intelligent Design with stigmatizing labels such as “pseudoscience” in reference to the ID movement (22:25); how the broad persecution of Christians in secular academics leads Christians of different denominations to unite around the essentials of the Christian faith and their common cause (24:25); Darwin’s Doubt, the Cambrian explosion, and the importance of information to life (27:45); exploring how Young Earth Creationists practice science (31:15); arguably the most exciting discovery in the history of science is that the foundation of life is digital information stored in DNA, and the implications this discovery has on the evidence for Intelligent Design (36:15); the importance of reducing intellectual insecurity in the Christian world (39:20); critiquing theistic evolution, and why Christians shouldn’t feel the need to synthesize their beliefs with a Neo-Darwinian paradigm increasingly in doubt (43:45); the cultural consequences of our worldviews (47:15); discussing the book Why People Stop Believing, and the need for an intellectual defense of the Christian faith (51:50); the racist implications of the evolutionary paradigm (54:30); the elimination of unfit genes as a form of positive eugenics growing in popularity today (56:25); Meyer offers critical responses to several quotes Hank reads from popular evolutionists (59:20); the myth of Darwin’s tree of life (1:05:05); “the waiting time problem” and the Darwinian math of population genetics (1:07:30); looking to computer programmers and coding to poke holes in the link between humans and chimps (1:10:40); why noted atheist philosopher Thomas Nagel believes that defenders of Intelligent Design, such as Stephen C. Meyer, deserve our gratitude (1:14:15); and educating the culture about advances in the Intelligent Design movement (1:18:30).


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  1. I would like to see how people who believe in evolution, for example a whale becoming a land-dwelling mammal, can demonstrate the theory by repeatable experiments in genetics, DNA, RNA and telomeres. Show me direct observation of mutations leading to change from one species to another. Evolutionists believe that changes in environment led to the development of new species but cataclysmic events such as asteroid bombardment usually result in annihilation of creatures, for example dinosaurs. Look what's happening to polar bears as their environment deteriorates, ice floes melting making it difficult for them to hunt seals. They are not mutating into birds or another kind of mammal or even different types of bears. They are simply dying out. And animal species have died, never to mutate into a different animal, for millions of years. Cockroaches haven't stopped being cockroaches despite massive changes in their environments. Trilobites became horseshoe crabs. They are still sea and shore dwelling creatures. Where are the new ones?

  2. Mr. Walker, For the Christian, the idea of Darwinian Evolution is a walk in material faith. That is, faith in, unknown, existing "life materials" sprang to living organisms and then through huge periods of time, gave us the phylogenetic trees we have seen preached on, for over 150 years. This has just not panned out! This is a misinterpreted observation that science has gripped with white knuckles too long! Time to go back to the understanding of a Creator who's grand designs are seen everyday, in every known living object and beyond. I do not think that the study of true evolution, of bacterium or virus will be halted at all. Science would be far better off, and make far more advancements, if it sought the truth it seeks, in observation, with the premise of a creator and prayer to that creator concerning finding the answer sought.


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