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Truth I’m Standing On

Scared, oh I thought I knew scared
Now I’m so filled with fear
I can barely move

Doubts, I’ve had my share of doubts
But never more than right now
I’m wondering where are You

I’m on the edge of fall apart
But somehow Your promises
Find my troubled heart

This is the truth I’m standing on
Even when all my strength is gone
You are faithful forever
And I know You’ll never
Let me fall

Right now I’m choosing to believe
Someday soon I’ll look back and see
This pain had a purpose
Your plan was perfect all along
This is the truth I’m standing on

Good, I believe You’re still good
Even when life’s not good
I still have this hope

The God who parts the sea
Promises that He will
Make a way for me

My rock my shield my firm foundation
I know I will not be shaken
You remind me
Where my help comes from

Music by Leanna Crawford performing “Truth I’m Standing On” (Official Music Video). (C) 2020 Provident Label Group LLC, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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  1. Thank you for composing such a wonderful relatable music. The lyrics is so meaningful. I have been into the void of darkness, loneliness and emptiness. Ever since that experience I have become more aware of how it feels to have a heavy burdened heart (literally like something or someone is constantly putting pressure over your heart which can't be explained and that makes it so difficult to breath nor resurface). I don't want to go back to the void once again. I have been battling my innerself and emotions day by day. It is a struggle to be in constant battle with yourself. I have been on antidepressants and have not been taking it anymore for quite a long time now since my sadness and depression had triggered. I'm still doing my best and trying my best to be positive yet still its a challenge for me 🙄 😔. There's just so much stigma and stereotypes in terms of mental health and sometimes, your to worried, anxious or afraid to open up because some individuals can't relate to how your feeling and don't know how to empathize. Im very happy to have discovered this song. Thanks for making this beautiful relatable music.

  2. In June 2021 I went for heart valve replacement. A couple of hours later I was having emergency surgery for internal bleeding. I was told I could have died. This song had become my favourite prior to my hospital stay and during my time in ICU the words and tune were a constant reminder of God's faithfulness. Blessings!

  3. I used this song in a birthday video I made for a dear friend..
    I truly thought this song really matched what she had been through, which it did..

    but, I just realised God also wanted me to listen to this for ME….

    Her channel has brought me so much peace…
    Thank you Leanna

  4. GOD is good!!! My wife and I have been trying for over 3 years to have a baby, with no luck. We continued to but our faith and trust in the lord. We moved closer to family this year and now come to find out we’ll be having a daughter, shes due in February 2022!!! GOD HAS A PLAN.

  5. I am translating this because I speak Spanish, God is strong, he is powerful🌺 and no one can or will compare him🍓 he created all the works of art that are in the world☺️ thank you😖🤧bye bye✨

  6. When I heard this song play on my spotify….boy! I stopped what I was doing because this was exactly what I needed. I feel like so many times we get so caught up with all our doubts and feelings and forget that God's right there next to us. I thank you Leanna for this song and I thank God for moving you to give me the message that He will never lets us fall❤️

  7. Lord jesus your the truth all am going is you, the truth..disgrace… my character my life…iam put down..smear…watching 👀 to see me fall destroy me fight jesus fight…fight God fight…fight archangel Michael…fight for me please and free me..thank you God
    I bind up every evil plan..plot trap and demonic scheme and it bound in heaven…lord jesus am fighting for survival so please help me


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