Learning the Bible with Christian kids songs. Christian kids Bible song, learning how to learn! Kids’ songs, CHRISTIAN CHILDREN’S MUSIC VIDEOS about wisdom and learn how to learn. Christian kids songs FOR CHILDREN. CHRISTIAN KIDS MUSIC VIDEOS,CHRISTIAN KIDS SONGS OF PRAISE AND WORSHIP.Funny lesson about education, wisdom. Encourage your kids to do their homework with this funny song! Kids’ song with words and lyrics on-screen. Learning how to learn with Jovis Bon-Hovis and Stripy Monkey from the kids’ TV show.

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Generally looking at how learning can be daunting, but that we should try anyway! The rest of the show (see DVDs) brings the lesson round specifically to scripture and God’s wisdom being important. Learn how to learn with Mr Bon Hovis.

Learning song. Fun Christian kids’ song about learning being fun. Education can be quite daunting, but we just need to keep on trying! If at first you don’t succeed try try again…From the Christian children’s television programme Jovis Bon-Hovis and the Creation Crew this is a great fun song with Jovis and Stripy Monkey singing about learning. It’s all about not being discouraged by how many scary things there are to learn about. If you keep trying, things start to make sense in the end! Keep an eye out for the all-new show, jam packed full of hilarious, wholesome Christian kids’ content!

Keep trying and persevere. Education is sometimes about just keeping going until you’ve got it, even when things seem really hard at first! god says wisdom is important, even more valuable than Gold, so it’s a good idea to share with our kids the importance of learning and education.



  1. Hi David, it's difficult to know what to do, as this is all about increasing awareness of a new show which is to be released in June, so we have to get the message out there. But did you know that if you hover over them a little cross appears so they can all be closed?

  2. Okay, though this is really dorky…I get it, because I work with severely handicapped children and I am exactly like this with them in my class every day. You are a goof. I like you! LOL


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