Grammy-Winning hip-hop artist Lecrae joins Tip in the #expediTIously studio to explain why he doesn’t see himself as a “Christian Rapper.” Listen to the rest of the episode on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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The multi-hyphenate rapper, actor, entrepreneur, family man, philanthropist and activist, Tip “T.I.” Harris is bridging the gap and shedding light on important social topics and much more in an authentic, eyebrow-raising dialogue that might make you want to pull out your dictionary…Expeditiously.



  1. To anyone that has ever suggested "religous music'' to someone 😒

    Me: I'm a fan of lecrae. he has a few good songs.
    Them: he's a christian rapper. i don't listen to that kind of stuff. you a bible thumper?
    Me: no
    them: but you listen to church music
    Me: yeah. i listen to a lot of stuff
    them: no thanks.

    Me: ok….. 🙄 so this is cool:

    "Bitch, don't play with me
    Oh that's your man? I'll take your man!
    Now he mines, haha
    Yeah, hoe!
    I'll take your man"

    them: oh no, I don't really listen to the lyrics like that. I just listen to the beat.

    me: so if he rapped over that beat you'd be fine with it? beings to plays freestyles lecrae did over various popular rap beats

    them: nah I don't really like what he's saying though. i'm not into religion like that.

    me: I though u just listened to the beat though? 🤔
    🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄so beats can be religious now? If you don't like certain kinds of music, fine. but don't lie about the reasoning. It's funny people magically hear lyrics when it's something they don't like but only hear the beat on songs they do like.

  2. S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S
    They were getting passed with "keys" sometimes/ no those are different ki's / / but back to the point / the sexual miscommunication weather it be children or the other guy old lady/never kept them safe/ no not ever/ "Jarvis" was touching on "Amanda's " son/ / butstill getting pulled over / almost killed / "his mama" killed"/ / it aint stopped the first death/ but the shock value ….disorriettqted for a short while

  3. Here's the thing with Lecrae he goes on and on since dropping Church Clothes vol 1 in 2012 trying to distance himself from being a Christian rapper going on talking about he spiritual-but-not-religious or he doesn't ascribe to a religion however this man is a member of a church, this man believes the Holy Bible is the word of God, not a book about God, or someone's perspective about God, but is the very literal word of God. This man believes Jesus Christ is God the Son, God incarnate In the Flesh, not just a good moral teacher, or leader to pattern our lives after, but he literally believes that the faith in the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. At any of his concerts there's always a Time where there is an offering if you will to go towards World Vision a Evangelical Christian charity group. He doesn't drink alcohol, smoke, cuss, etc.. not because it's a personal choice but because it's his firm conviction that those things are not in agreement with the Holy Bible which again he believes is the literal word of God. Therefore every time this dude tries to separate himself from the Christian religion he's doing a disservice to two group's… Christians who've supported him and continue to support him even with his deviation from being as open about his religion, and then the non-religious secular group because he's just making it out as if he just about positivity, unity, etc.. etc.. either way it doesn't personally affect me the man's actions have no effect on my life in the way I choose to live it, but it's easy to see the dude just plays both sides of the fences because he knows if he completely turned his back on the Christian group he realizes that's where the majority of his Fame and Fortune comes from and if he distance himself from the secular world then he'll just be looked at as another one of them holier-than-thou religious nuts. I honestly feel bad for the dude, it's got to be hard walking the line, instead of just being and doing what you want to do. If you want to be Christian and promote Jesus then do it more power to you, you want to just be rapping and making your paper doing it for the culture then do it, more power to you. Just quit playing both sides man! people on both sides of the fence really look at you suspect, and no one really respects you, you're just a token to the one, and credibility to the other, and who's who really just depends on what time of the day it is.

  4. S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S
    …but lil buddy , straight/ first it was atheistism// I'd did pick up some of the ideals my mom's preacher was saying/ as chritians ,we are to live Christ like / but the god thing did find me / and science reflected a Chinese principal …or ideal

  5. S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S
    Not religiously/ but even without/ I do have to hold up docteren/ sometimes parts I donT like // // see I get that/ but I keep African religion too / but nobody who never "whorsiped" Ike that can tell me hats going on

  6. Lecrae just continuously treats the CHH community like the his little brother who he hates being forced to take with him around the cool kids. He’s so consistently ashamed of us and anything traditionally Christian. He always goes out of his way to highlight his “Worldly” resume and then downplays all of us when we’ve been the one buying all his albums and supporting him his whole career

  7. I actually think Scarface's "Someday" ft Faith Evans is my favorite song by him (one of my favorites of all time), and I also love the super hardcore side of things. Sometimes I almost feel like Biggie is watching over that song…


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